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Award-Winning San Diego Air Conditioning/Heating Installation & Repair

There’s no better time to get to know your San Diego heating and air conditioning company than before you need it. That’s why we invite you to get to know Airmaxx now. You know how it usually goes with an air conditioner or a furnace: it will have problems at the most inconvenient times; like a Sunday night, early in the morning when you’re late to work, or right when relatives visit. Fortunately Airmaxx installs, maintains and repairs top quality Carrier furnaces and air conditioning units 24/7/365, so you can count on year round comfort.

Call Our 3-Time Carrier President’s Award Winning Company

If you’re wondering if Airmaxx is the best air conditioning and heating company to install, repair and maintain your HVAC system, you can feel at ease. We’ve won the Carrier President’s Award three years in a row. That designation guarantees that you can count on our expertise and our products: we install quality Carrier air conditioning and heating units and maintain them in peak running condition.

All it takes is one phone call to Airmaxx (619.655.3010) to schedule an appointment. We’ll dispatch one of our highly trained technicians to your San Diego home or business to take a look at your heating and air conditioning system. Sometimes a simple repair is all that’s necessary. At other times more extensive repairs may be needed, or you may require a new installation. Airmaxx leaves nothing to chance; our techs will present you with your options so you can make the decision that’s best for your home or commercial space.

Protect & Improve Indoor Air Quality with Airmaxx

Top notch Carrier air conditioners and furnaces are one part of what we offer. Airmaxx is also pleased to provide indoor air quality services for your San Diego home or commercial building. When it comes to your health, one of the first places to look for improvements is in the indoor air. Often dust, dander and irritants are present that can cause illness or symptoms such as itchy eyes, nose and throat. Why not have Airmaxx visit to assess your indoor air quality? Our products can rapidly transform the quality of your air by removing particles as small as 0.01microns – which is remarkable and comparable to 18,000 times smaller than the head of a pin! With less particles circulating in your air you’ll breathe easier and folks with breathing issues will especially appreciate our service.

We understand that choosing an HVAC company in San Diego isn’t always easy. Know that Airmaxx offers a complete HVAC service for your indoor space – at home and at your place of business. Give us a call today at 619. 655.3010 and let Airmaxx add a whole new level of comfort to your life.