San Diego Wildfires Affect Indoor Air Quality – Here’s What YOU Can Do

Why Clean Air Matters

Here at Airmaxx, we’re air people. We care deeply about making sure that the air around us is not only comfortably cooled and heated as the seasons wax and wane, but more importantly – that our air is safe and comfortable to breathe.

We care about air quality because we are people, with families and friends. We personally know and serve asthmatics and emphysema sufferers, people with COPD, people with compromised lungs and lung cancer AND thousands of people who don’t have any of these issues, and would like to stay that way. We use filters to be sure that dust particles and common allergens don’t harm your health but there’s something bigger to focus on here.

Clean air is more of a luxury now than ever before on planet Earth. City smog and car emissions have been an enemy of indoor air quality experts like us for years, but here in San Diego, there’s another nemesis nobody ever talks about: smoke.

Southern California has an air quality problem

Air quality is affected by the outdoor landscape in any region of our world. Cities get smog, open areas get dust storms and blowing sand, greener areas produce more pollen and here, where it is beautiful year-round and often dry, we get wildfires. It isn’t every year, and it isn’t always really bad. This year, we’ve been ravaged and the results are unfortunate. Even with the best case scenario in mind – fires that have been put out and kept away from homes and people – smoke is still inevitable and it lasts.

According to our government’s AirNow air quality website, the biggest health threat from smoke comes from fine particles. Fine particles can irritate your eyes and make you cough, cause bronchitis, and exacerbate the symptoms for those who have chronic heart or lung diseases. For these individuals, smoke inhalation can be fatal.

Airmaxx has indoor air quality solutions

Keep your air filters replaced.  One of the ways that your heating & cooling system protects the indoor air quality in your home is by actively filtering out dust and allergens. Especially advanced HEPA filters can reduce your intake of fine particles from smoke inside your home. Your filter cannot work to keep your home healthy if it is not replaced regularly. Homeowners in areas with poor air quality outdoors are encouraged to support their own indoor air quality by changing more often than usual.

Buy an air purifier. Air purifiers sit inside your home, not unlike a humidifier or dehumidifier, and they recirculate the air, filtering it for use. This is especially effective in taking the air that comes in from your open windows or doors and turning it into safer, more breathable air.

Keep your home tightly sealed. Cracks in door casings and window frames, as well as at the roof-level can cause unclean air to seep into your home, making your HVAC filters and your air purifier work harder and putting your family at risk. Have your home inspected for air leaks regularly to avoid this.

Pay attention to the AQI. You can check the air quality index for the San Diego area at the Air Pollution Control District website. This will tell you what to expect. If air quality is particularly bad, it is best to stay indoors as much as possible and to keep your windows closed. Note: If it is excessively hot outside when air quality is poor, and your home does not have air conditioning, you may want to seek alternate shelter to stay safe.

Contact us. At Airmaxx, we are especially passionate about clean air initiatives for our beautiful city. We will be happy to inspect your home and HVAC system and offer air quality solutions to keep you safe and comfortable no matter what happens outdoors. Contact us to schedule a visit from our air quality experts today!

Father’s Day Events in San Diego

A Father’s Day Salute to the Dads of Tool Town


At Airmaxx Heating & Cooling in San Diego, we honor the commitment that fathers make to their children and their families. Parenting is hard work but this weekend, we hope all the fantastic fathers in San Diego will take a break and enjoy it! You deserve it!

We have gathered up the top ten Fathers’ Day events in San Diego to make sure our favorite fathers & grandfathers in southern California get the celebration they deserve. There are tons of events in San Diego for Fathers’ Day but these are just a few we’ve rounded up. Take your pick or cruise through a few over the course of this bright, sunny weekend!

BBQ And Play at Total Combat Paintball
Friday Noon – 8 PM

Is your dad active and adventurous? Ditch the necktie and give your dad an adrenaline rush instead! Take him paintballing. We love this idea because it combines some of our favorite parts of living in San Diego – getting out in the sunshine, staying active, and conquering our enemies in battle. Hit the field with Dad this Father’s Day and he’ll never forget it.

Belmont Park Car Show

Sunday 10 AM – 3 PM

This FREE event is a big deal as it’s Belmont Park’s 3rd year of bringing together San Diego’s finest hot rods & classic cars for Father’s Day. If your dad is an automotive enthusiast or just likes to tinker around with old things in the shop, this is the perfect afternoon adventure.

Father’s Day Food & Gifts At Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens
Saturday & Sunday 10 AM – 5 PM

This Fathers’ Day, get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. What better place to enjoy sunshin in San Diego than the Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens? Myrtle Creek has put together an afternoon of specialty gifts, gourmet hot dogs and other foods to sample, plus raffles and giveaways just for Dad!

Father’s Day At The Marine Room
Sunday 10 AM – 2 PM

Does your Dad enjoy the finer things? The Marine Room in San Diego is a great place to take Dad any time of year because the food is fantastic and the view is even better. However, on Father’s Day, the Marine Room keeps getting better with a Dad-icated Brunch Buffet on Sunday and specials all weekend.

Father’s Day Brunch at the Hotel del Coronado

Sunday 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM

The Hotel del Coronado offers an exquisite dining experience in San Diego. On Father’s Day, their Brunch will combine the best regionally-inspired seafood dishes, appetizers, desserts, and Dad-approved carving stations plus phenomenal options for libations and more. For Foodie Fathers like mine, this one is a real treat.

Father’s Day Brunch & Dinner At Bertrand At Mister A’s
Sunday 10 AM – 2 PM and 5 PM – Close

Mister A’s is a hot spot for American fare that brings in locals and tourists alike. On Father’s Day, the place will be hopping with Dads who know how to dine! Enjoy Brunch with Dad following an early-bird round of Golf at one of San Diego’s best golf courses, or hit up dinner anytime for a night to remember with your old man.

Father’s Day At The Melting Pot
Sunday 3 PM – 9 PM

This deal is unbeatable. The Melting Pot offers fondue options that could make any Man of the House, well… melt. We love this spot and it’s great for families to gather together. The Pot is offering Endless Entrée Fondue for anyone who comes out to hang for Dads’ big day.

Father’s Day Brunch At The Zoo
Sunday 11 AM

Don’t miss this one! The San Diego Zoo is already a revelation for locals and visitors alike – our world-renowned zoo tops charts year after year. On Father’s Day, this wonderland only gets better. They’re celebrating Dad by bringing together a huge buffet, live music, a cash bar, and more. All of a sudden, it’s a party.

Father’s Day Prime Rib Dinner Cruise
Sunday 6 – 9 PM

Your Dad does it all – he works hard, loves his family, and does amazing things for everyone he knows. Doesn’t he deserve to get the special treatment this Father’s Day? This one is perfect. Set sail on a dinner cruise with Dad where he will be treated to the finer things. A night away from the stress and responsibility of life on land is just what he needed to recharge.

Father’s Day Brunch With Cowboy Jack
Sunday 10 AM – 1 PM

Is your Dad a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll? He NEEDS to see Cowboy Jack in action. This guy is amazing, he’s performed at the Grand Ole Opry and he covers superstars like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson PLUS this show is complete with an unforgettable Brunch. This one is a can’t-miss for musical dads.


There are a TON of other Father’s Day Events in San Diego and we by no means only endorse these ten. Just know that whether your Dad likes to cook, eat, fish, golf, compete, dine, dance, or just enjoy time with his family he’s covered. That’s part of what makes San Diego the best city to live in.


Shoot us a comment or find us on Twitter and let us know how your Father’s Day weekend turned out!