How to Maintain Air Conditioner Components

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Air Conditioner Components What You Need to Know

There are many components that make up an air conditioning system. Each piece works together to run seamlessly and create cooling air flow throughout your home. It is important for homeowners to understand how the components work and to schedule regular ac maintenance so each part of the unit remains in good working order.

One component of an air conditioning system is the coils. There is an evaporator coil and a condenser coil on an air conditioner that can collect dirt and grime over time. The evaporator coil can break down if the air filter becomes dirty in the unit. When dirt gets inside an evaporator coil, it will reduce the air flow of the unit.

The condenser coils can also get dirty with dust and debris since it is located on the outdoor portion of the unit. Several factors can make this portion of your unit dirty, such as falling debris or trimmings from your lawn mower. Be watchful of landscaping and keep this area of your unit clean to maintain optimum performance.

The coil fins are another component of your air conditioning system. The aluminum fins are located on the both condenser and evaporator coils and they can become bent very easily. When this happens, the air will be blocked from flowing through the coils. A fin comb can be purchased from a wholesaler t be able to comb the fins back into place to get the unit in working order.

The condensate drain is another part of the unit that must be maintained. This part is the draining system of the unit. It is important to take a small wire and push it through the draining system to make sure there are no blockages which will prevent the unit from reducing the humidity in the home.

It is important for homeowners with window units to make sure that the seal of the window frame and the air conditioner is tight. If moisture gets in, then the seal would be damaged and this would allow the cool air in your home to seep to the outside.

Local Air Conditioning Technicians You Can Trust

All of these components are important to the function of your air conditioning system. Homeowners need to take the time to maintain each part by proper cleaning methods. Homeowners who do not feel comfortable working on these parts of a unit will need to contact a local air conditioning technician.

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