HVAC Safety Tips: Carbon Monoxide Leaks at Work

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If you run a business, you have a responsibility to provide employees with the safest work environment possible. Did you know that carbon monoxide could be an issue? This colorless, odorless gas can leak into your workplace and quietly poison you and your workers. An HVAC system that is not working correctly or has not been maintained can leak carbon monoxide with disastrous consequences. To avoid a leak, use these HVAC safety tips:

  1. Get Your HVAC System Maintained Regularly

As long as your HVAC is churning away and working, you tend to forget about it right? Regular maintenance is important, though, especially for preventing carbon monoxide leaks or catching them early. Schedule a recurring maintenance visit so that you don’t have to remember to do it.

  1. Clean the Flues and Vents

One major area of maintenance you want to be sure gets done is keeping the vents and flues clean. Clogs in these areas of the ventilation system can cause carbon monoxide to build up inside a room or building. These components are supposed to flush dangerous gasses out, but they can’t do it if they are dirty and blocked.

  1. Check out the Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are not always inspected during regular HVAC maintenance, but it is important in preventing carbon monoxide leaks, so make sure it gets done. A failed heat exchanger is a major cause of carbon monoxide leaks. Your furnace will keep working even if this component fails, so it is important to have it regularly checked.

  1. Use Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A carbon monoxide detector alerts you to the presence of the toxic gas in your air. Make sure you have enough to cover your entire workplace and that they are set to detect low levels of the gas. Using detectors is not a substitute for good maintenance, cleaning, and heat exchanger inspection, but it is one important layer of protection.

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, which means you must be vigilant to ensure it does not leak into your workplace. With regular HVAC maintenance, regular cleaning of vents and flues, checking the heat exchangers, and by using carbon monoxide detectors, you can avoid leaks and keep your staff safe.

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