Make Your Bedroom More Breathable

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When it comes to all of the rooms in a home, one of the worst for allergy and asthma triggers is your bedroom. The good news is that with the right techniques, you can ensure that this room allows you to breathe easier, especially when you are sleeping at night. Things like ensuring clean vents and duct work and reducing dust mites are relatively simple and very effective. To get help with the HVAC cleaning, contacting a reputable heater replacement company is ideal.

Start With the Dust Mites

You know dust mites exists, but since they are so microscopic, they are probably not something that you often think about. Even though these mites are barely visible to the naked eye, they can have a major impact on your breathing issues and asthma.The first step is changing your bedding frequently. You want to do it at least once weekly, but if your breathing issues or allergies are significant, doing this twice a week can be beneficial. Getting rid of carpeting and rugs is a good idea too since these harbor dust mites. Wood or tile floors do not hold onto mites like fabrics can. Lately, you want to ensure that you dust frequently and that all curtains, bedding and other fabrics are washing in water that exceeds 130 degree Fahrenheit to best eliminate them.

Clean Your Duct Work and HVAC Vents

When your duct work and HVAC vents are unclean, they circulate an array of impurities through the air that can trigger allergies and negatively impact your breathing. A HVAC professional should clean the duct work to ensure it is done right. However, you can clean your vents. You simply remove them, use hot water and soap to clean them, ensure that they are completely dry and then put them back into place.

Check for and Eliminate Moisture

Moisture breeds mildew and mold, both of which have a negative impact on allergies and breathing problems. In many cases, it is not readily apparent that there is a moisture problem in your bedroom, so you have to know where to look. If you have looked and cannot find moisture, but there are other indications of mildew and mold growth, it is time to have a plumber come in and do a professional inspection. It is also ideal to have a professional come in and remove any mildew and mold so that you can be confident that is was removed properly and thoroughly.

As you can see, when you want to make sure that your bedroom helps you to breathe easier when you are relaxing and sleeping, there are some cleaning techniques and tasks you want to conquer. While getting a heater replacement company to come in and inspect and clean your duct work is the best option, most of the other tasks you can complete yourself.

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