Why HVAC Maintenance Is Important

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Would you buy a car but never take it in for an oil change, get a tune-up or have the brakes repaired? Of course you wouldn’t, so why would you neglect to maintain your HVAC system? Yet, many homeowners have new central air conditioning systems and furnaces installed and completely neglect HVAC maintenance.

Annual maintenance is an important task as proper HVAC maintenance has a number of benefits that will keep your system operating properly and extend its life. Regular inspection and cleaning of your HVAC system’s moving parts will allow it to last well over 10 years. With the expense that homeowners invest when installing new systems, it only makes sense to keep them operating as long as possible.

Beyond the life of the system, proper HVAC maintenance has several different economic benefits that make spending a minimal amount of money on a maintenance contract worthwhile. HVAC units that run efficiently save homeowners money. Dirt and debris that collect on working parts decrease efficiency by about 20 percent. Debris can also shorten the life of individual parts, resulting in more frequent repairs. Regular cleaning will keep moving parts clean, meaning you’ll spend less money on electricity to run your unit.

Today’s HVAC units also have many more working parts than those built 10 to 20 years ago. They also have safeties that cause the units to shut down if a dangerous situation could occur. Regular inspections will help avoid these problems which can results in emergency calls and costly repairs. Regular HVAC maintenance will save you money in the long run.

HVAC Maintenance

Many HVAC systems come with long warranties that cover replacement parts if something breaks down or wears out. Regular HVAC maintenance in the spring and fall will discover potential problems and remedy them, often at no additional cost.

Indoor Air Quality Service

Properly maintained systems also improve indoor air quality. By changing filters and cleaning coils and other components that collect dirt, fewer allergens and other harmful particles will circulate through your home.

Most HVAC companies offer annual contracts that make maintenance easy while also also offering possibly offering discounts on repairs and priority service in emergencies. Take advantage of these agreements to keep your system in top condition.

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