Beat the Heat! 10 Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

Stay Cool in Summer

Happy Summer, San Diego! At Airmaxx, we are bona fide lovers of all things summer and we LOVE the heat. However, we are also the Experts of Cool and we know that in Southern California things can get pretty sweaty. For your relief, we have published a list of the best ways to stay cool in the summer. All of our solutions are meant to be easy, fun ways to cool off and stay safe this summer. Add your own in the comments!

  • Chill Out, Literally!
    The sun might be sweltering, but your body can and should regulate its own temperatures. Working up a reasonable amount of sweat will help your body to cool down. However, be careful not to overexert! When we get high heat index warnings, it might be better to stay inside and enjoy the AC!
  • Cozy Up to Cotton Sheets
    Silk and other fabrics can trap heat! Instead, choose cotton to stay cool while sleeping.
  • ‘Treat Yo Self’
    Make some DIY cool summer treats. Real Simple put out a phenomenal set of “Homemade Popsicles” recipes that will keep you cool as a cucumber, or a raspberry, or a peach…
  • Make a DIY Water Blob
    Have you seen these? Whether you’re a first-time homeowner who wants to party with your friends or parents looking for cool summer ideas for kids, a DIY Water Blob is exactly what you need. The instructions on this site are super easy to follow!
  • Take a Dip
    If you’re ready for more full-on contact with the water, don’t forget the obvious option – head to your local pool (or crash a friend’s), take the fam to the lake for the day, or if you’re in sunny San Diego like us, the beach can’t be beat! You can cool off this summer by dipping in the water any time!
  • Enjoy a Cool Cruise
    Hop in the car, roll down all of the windows (or run the air conditioning), and turn up your favorite tunes! We LOVE this set of perfect playlists for cruising.
  • Get Cookin’…
    …outside that is. Don’t heat the whole house by using the oven or stovetop. We love a good cookout here at Airmaxx Heating & Air Conditioning. If you’re ready to perfect your burgers and dogs this year, check out these Grilling Recipes from Bon Appetit! How to drink more water
  • Hydrate!
    Drink enough water. We can’t stress this enough. A body that is hydrated can regulate its own temperatures, not unlike your air conditioner.

  • Limit Your Sun
    A sunburn is the quickest way to ruin your summer fun! Be sure to take precautions with SPF but remember – time in the shade is necessary, too! Too much sun can harm your eyes and dry you out, even with SPF! Sometimes, it’s better to take a day off and enjoy the indoors!

  • Staycation
    Sometimes, let’s face it, the summer just gets too dang hot! On those days, stay at home, grab some movies, and enjoy your top performing, energy efficient air conditioner guilt-free. Does you need an AC tuneup? Contact Airmaxx to invite one of our expert HVAC contractors in San Diego or El Cajon to your home for a quick fix!


Ways To Improve The Air Quality Inside Your Home

There are many things that you can do to improve the air quality inside your home. You can only live comfortably in your home, if there is sufficient air supply. All particles and impurities must also be removed from air before it is allowed into the house. Furthermore, the air should have the right temperature and moisture content to ensure that the body takes it in easily. For all these to happen, there are some devices and systems that must be installed at home.

Humidifiers Help Control Air Moisture

Humidifiers are appliances that increase the moisture content of air. There are different types of humidifiers to suit the needs of different users. For instance, there are humidifiers that are connected to the HVAC system of the entire house. These appliances can humidify air circulating in the whole house. There are also some appliances which are designed to humidify air in a single room. Common types of humidifiers include vaporizers, ultrasonic humidifiers and the impeller humidifier. These devices can greatly improve the quality of air in your home.

The Importance of Air Filtration Systems

Air from the external environment normally has many different types of impurities. For instance, there might be pollen, smoke, dust, seeds, spores of micro-organisms, eggs of insects and many other types of impurities. An efficient air filtration system can get rid of all these impurities so that only clean air can get into the air circulation system of your house. There are many types of HEPA filtration and air purifiers in the market today. Most indoor systems also get rid of dust and impurities that may already be inside your home. For the best air filtration systems, you may want to give strong consideration to companies that have many years of experience and all the relevant certifications.


Temperature Regulation

During hot summer months, a house can be uninhabitable if there is no air conditioning. AC units have the same principle of operation as refrigerators. The refrigeration system lowers the temperature of air as required. You can set the preferred room temperature on the device. When room temperature rises beyond the required level, the cooling process will be activated. Air conditioning systems can increase heating bills significantly, so there is need to have an energy efficient cooling system at home. Manufacturers of HVAC systems are nowadays producing energy efficient cooling systems. This has been made possible by the technological advancements in the industry. When shopping for an AC unit, it is important that you buy an energy efficient cooling system.

The filtration, cooling and moisture-control systems in your home must be serviced on a regular basis to ensure that the quality of air in your home remains high at all times.