Tips For Right-Sizing Your Commercial HVAC Systems

The size of your HVAC system is very crucial since in most cases it will affect the overall efficiency in heating and cooling. The mistake most people make is to think that just because an HVAC system is big it is good enough. A lot of modern builidings today are prioritizing energy efficiency, and right sizing the HVAC system in line with the building requirements is one way of achieving this goal. In most cases, people will determine the size of HVAC systems needed based on outdated specs and ultimately this will lead to avoidable mistakes. Here are some simple tips that can help you get the size of your HVAC system right:

Design Buildings with HVAC in Mind

It is very important to take care of the duct and distribution right from the start. During construction, the builder should understand where and how the system will be installed and make the right layout to ensure this is achieved. The HVAC systems and ductwork should preferably be placed on the conditioned envelop of the building. The attic should only have more insulation. This approach in right-sizing will basically ensure that even the equipment size is resized accordingly.

Test the Systems Performance

After you have designed the layout of commercial HVAC system, it is also nice to test your system to see if it meets the specifications you want. In most cases, testing is as easy as gauging how effective cooling and heating is and the overall amount of energy you are using. If you can get help from an HVAC technician, testing the efficiency of the installed system can be done as fast as possible without any margins for error.

The right Window U-value and SHGC Must Be Factored

When you are determining the size you need for your HVAC system you should remember to factor the Window U-value and the Solar heat gain coefficient. Getting these two factors wrong can have a significant impact on the HVAC system you are going to buy for your commercial space.

Right-sizing your Commercial HVAC systems will help you achieve your HVAC performance goals and can significantly reduce your construction costs.

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The Importance Of Commercial Air Conditioning Repair And Maintenance

During the hot summer season, it is very essential for your commercial indoor air temperature to remain in top condition. This is essential especially because you do not want your staff and clients complaining about the heat. A number of people depend on a fully functioning HVAC unit and it is essential to ensure that this remains so.

Finding the right local HVAC service company to make sure that the commercial maintenance of AC units and the commercial repair of AC units is undertaken regularly will keep your staff and clients happy. With the proper air quality, your staff can remain productive and your customers will take their time to have a look at your products and services. Anyone would like to remain cool while indoors in the hot summer temperatures.

If you want to maintain your commercial indoor air comfort, you will need to find a quality air conditioning service. The company must have the right personnel and the expertise and experience to ensure that your staff and customers remain satisfied. This is why you must locate a dependable and estimable company to repair and maintain your HVAC systems.

If your using Carrier HVAC systems, then you will need to find a company that has specialized in the repair, maintenance and servicing these particular systems. The best way to find a company that undertakes the Commercial Maintenance of AC units is to talk to people who you know. Your counterparts in the business world might be able to refer you to a company that can handle your HVAC units well.


If you have a Carrier HVAC systems that is broken, you can speak to people who own the same systems. They will be able to tell you which companies they have worked with when they needed the Commercial Repair of AC units in their establishments to be undertaken. If they went through certain difficulties with a specific repair and maintenance company, you will not want to work with the same company.

You can zero down on a list of three or four companies that can help you maintain Commercial Indoor Air Quality at your premises. Once you have a list, it will help to call the companies and ask them about their pricing. You can also ask them how fast they can send a technician to inspect your air conditioning facilities.

When you make contact with the company, ask them if they are willing to provide you with references. The references will be for people they have done repair and maintenance for before. This will help you to determine the suitability of the company when you speak to people they have worked for before. You will be able to narrow down your options by determining who to go with.

You will need to find out how long the commercial air conditioning repair, maintenance and servicing company has been in operation. Because experience is important, find out about the level of expertise and determine if they have qualified technicians that can handle Carrier HVAC systems. It is a great advantage if a company has great customer service.

You will need to ask them if they offer any guarantees and if they would be willing to look at your HVAC system again should any problems develop. If the company has an honest and open policy of dealing with clients, they will provide you with as much information as possible. A good service company will want to assist you so that your HVAC system works in compliance with the standards that have been set for commercial buildings.

It is essential that your HVAC system is customized so that the needs of your employees and customers are met. When you look for a solution for your entire HVAC system, a company that is competent enough will give you a solution that meets all your requirements. They will also provide you with regular maintenance so that you have a system that is in good condition and works efficiently anytime you need it.