What Your Business Needs to Stay Comfortable

When you own a business, you want to do what you can to make the interior as comfortable for yourself and your employees. Knowing about some things you can have to ensure comfort can quickly change the atmosphere. Just know when to get things fixed, such as having a commercial air conditioning repair service come out when things are not working efficiently.


Central Air Conditioning


Compared to window units, central air conditioning offers a number of benefits. It tends to be less expensive to operate because it is more efficient, so you can keep everyone cool while also saving some money. It will offer even cooling for the entire office so that no one has to be too hot or too cold, depending on their location in the office. The thermostat is easy to operate and you can quickly turn the cooling up or down, depending on the needs of everyone in the office.


Add Some Plants to the Office


Plants add some atmosphere and help to keep the air clean at the office. Consider plants that are relatively easy to maintain so that it does not take up a lot of time to keep them alive. You can also encourage employees to bring their own plant to ensure a better variety and reduce the burden on you to ensure plant maintenance.


Provide a Small Refrigerator and Microwave


Giving your employees somewhere to keep their lunch will help to keep them happy. They will be able to bring more things for lunch, saving them time and money on their midday meal. A regular-sized refrigerator is all that it takes. No need for anything fancy. A small microwave is also a good idea so that people can bring things like frozen foods and leftovers and ensure that they are hot for lunch. If you really want to go the extra mile, have a community water cooler and coffee pot for all employees to use to stay awake and hydrated throughout the day.


Ensure Disabled Access


Even if none of your employees are currently disabled, you never know when one will have an accident or the best candidate you find when you are hiring will have a disability. When you work on ensuring handicap access now, this will save a lot of time in the event you need to provide this kind of access. This is usually something you can get done pretty quickly, depending on the size of your building and the alterations needed.


Use this information to keep your employees comfortable all throughout the year. Once you have these features, simply maintain them with regular maintenance and any necessary commercial air conditioning repair, for example, to ensure comfort that is not disrupted.

Reducing the Risk of Needing Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

When you own a business, you want to perform routine maintenance on all of the different machinery you rely on to keep things moving and comfortable. In terms of commercial air conditioning repair, while it is sometimes necessary, there are things you can do to prolong how long you can go without paying another repair bill.


Check the Unit For Debris


If you have an outdoor unit, you will need to check it often for debris, such as leaves and other impurities. When these start to build up, the overall efficiency of your system is reduced and there is the risk of a clog. You want to look at the outside of the unit and explore the exterior compressor/condenser. You will need a wrench or a screwdriver for this. If you are unfamiliar with the components of an AC unit, you should have a professional come and do this to be safe.


Check Your Lines


The lines on your air conditioning unit work hard to deliver the coolant to the system so that it can create cold air. You want to make sure that none of the lines are loose or cracked, so you have to look at them regularly. If you notice any problems with them, make sure to replace them immediately so that your system does not start to overwork itself to keep your building cool.


Check and Clean Your Coils


On your air conditioning unit, you have condensor and evaporator coils that you have to keep an eye on. When these coils are dirty, your air conditioning has to work harder and over time, it will slowly start to produce air that is less and less cold. Cleaning your coils not only helps to keep your home cooler, but it helps to extend the life of your unit.


Adjust and Clean the Blower


This component ensures comfort by ensuring the right amount of airflow for your air conditioning. When you notice airflow problems, your system is already working harder than it needs to. Always check the blower regularly and make any adjustments as necessary.


Check the Refrigerant Level


The refrigerant is what allows your unit to blow cold air, so you want to ensure that it always has an adequate amount of coolant. Remember that while too low is not a good thing, overly filling the refrigerant can also cause problems. Consult the owner’s manual or a professional to determine the right level.


Consider this information to maintain your system and reduce your need for frequent commercial air conditioning repair. Just know when you need the maintenance done by a professional so that it goes smoothly.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Tips

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Tips

An air conditioning unit will function flawlessly for some time without maintenance. However, over the years, no matter how high-quality a purchased unit may be, regular cleaning is essential.

Basic maintenance on a commercial air conditioning unit can prolong the life of a system, and ensure that the air is filtered as efficiently as the first day it was switched on. A commercial air conditioning repair specialist can also help ensure that the system is in top shape.

Avoid Using the Coldest Setting

A common mistake is setting an air conditioner to the lowest setting in order to achieve a low temperature in a building as quickly as possible. This will not cool down a building any quicker, and doing so can put strain on a system. This will likely result in a larger energy bill and more wear on the machine.

Replace Filters Every Three Months

The filters in an air conditioner can quickly clog up with the dirt, bacteria, and pollen that comes through a property’s window. Therefore, it is essential that these filters are replaced on a regular basis – at least every two or three months. The manufacturer will provide relevant information for changing these filters.

Don’t Block the Condensing Unit

Another common error is blocking the air conditioner that draws air into the system. Avoid chairs or other outdoor furniture blocking this duct, as it puts pressure on the system and will ultimately result in a commercial air conditioning repair specialist being required to fix the issue.

Check the Freon Levels

Technically, an air conditioner isn’t consuming Freon, which is why it shouldn’t gradually run out of the substance. A user should call a commercial air conditioning repair specialist if Freon levels are gradually reducing. This could be a problem with older units, wherein a leak has formed and performance has slipped.

A user can check these levels his or herself, though a professional will be able to provide a more thorough check during an annual maintenance visit.

Clean the Vents

The vents which take in and expel air can become clogged up with dirt and dust in the same way that the filters do. It’s important to regularly clean vents, not only because this intake of clogged dirt will damage the unit and the filters, but also because it can spread bacteria throughout the room. By keeping the vents cleaned, a user can ensure that the air which is circulating is as clean as possible. Doing so will ensure a smaller risk of spreading bacteria or sickness throughout a commercial property.

Utilize Professionals Annually

Every year, a specialist should spend some time taking a look at a commercial property’s HVAC unit and deciding whether it is in good shape. These repair specialists can make sure that the unit is working efficiently and to its best performance levels. A maintenance professional will also ensure that vents and filters are working properly.





The Attributes of a Quality Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Company

An air conditioning is an essential component of any business. When a commercial system is well-maintained, it keeps occupants and visitors comfortable. Comfortable environments are known to improve productivity, workplace satisfaction, and a positive atmosphere. However, to maintain a system performing as it should, it must receive routine maintenance and repairs as needed.

The Benefits of Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

  • An efficient system costs less to run than a poorly maintained one.
  • A maintained HVAC system will last a company longer than a neglected one; meaning fewer capital improvements during the business’s operating years.
  • Regular maintenance identifies issues before they become costly repairs.

To get the benefits of quality maintenance or repairs, a business must hire a commercial air conditioning service professional that delivers quality services every time.

The Attributes of a Good Commercial Repair Company

  1. Licensing and Insurance

A commercial unit costs an extensive amount of money. If repairs are done incorrectly, or something goes wrong, a business owner needs reassurance that the commercial air conditioning repair company they hired is insured and properly licensed.

  1. After Hours Service

Not all companies operate from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. When a commercial heating or cooling component breaks, a company needs reassurance that their repair service can show up for after hours repairs and emergency calls.

Most companies today offer 24/7 response, but there are still some commercial providers that do not. So, if a business has odd operational hours or staff that work through the night, they will want a commercial air conditioning repair company that offers emergency and after-hours service.

  1. Expertise in Commercial Systems

Commercial systems are highly complex compared to residential ones. Their components are larger, they have different types of complications, and they require expert knowledge for diagnostics and repair. Some residential companies offer commercial services, but on a small scale.

When a company is looking for their new repair provider, they should look for a company that has extensive experience in commercial HVAC systems. The company should not only offer repairs but new installations. Typically, a company that offers new installations is more than qualified for repairs.

  1. Service Guarantee

A service guarantee shows a company’s competency, but also their confidence in their work. Some service ensures only last a few months, while other businesses offer a year or more on labor. This would offer a business owner peace of mind, especially if their system were to go down due to shoddy workmanship.

  1. Maintenance Packages

A company can avoid most repair issues when they properly maintain their HVAC system. Therefore, it may be wise for a business owner to partner with a repair company that offers maintenance packages. Under these maintenance packages, the company would come out and service the unit periodically (seasonally, bi-annually, monthly, or another combination of time) to keep it in working order. During the maintenance appointments, potential issues are often caught, helping the business avoid any HVAC downtime in the future.