Quick Ways to Seek Out an Emergency Heating Repair Service

There are times when your heating system breaks down outside of normal business hours. When this happens, you need to find an emergency commercial heating repair service so that you can get the necessary repairs done as quickly as possible.


Check Local Service Pages


You can go on the Internet and look at difference service pages or service websites to find information on those who can do HVAC repair quickly. Simply do a search either in your city or within your zip code to get the names of companies. These pages usually also post ratings so you can get an idea about the reputation and professionalism of the companies in your area. Then, simply make the call and get your repairman on site to make the fixes.


Ask a Friend Who Owns a Business


If you have a friend who owns a business, ask them if they can recommend any HVAC companies that come out and do emergency work. Word of mouth is always the most effective marketing tool, so if someone recommends a business, there is a very high chance that they are good at the work that they do.


Head to Social Media


Social media is a vast world of information when it comes to finding services that are local to you. You not only can find services, but you can also get information on what they offer and their reputation in town. You can check this information pretty quickly so it will not delay your getting the service out there to make the necessary repairs. You can often request a repair right there on their page or they will list a phone number that you can call for emergency repairs.


Call the Building Supervisor


If there is a building supervisor responsible for the emergency repair of things like an HVAC system, you should call them. Even if they cannot come out and do the work, they probably know someone who can and can make these arrangements for you. This will help to ensure that you can get the work done as quickly as possible by a competent company.


Contact Your Normal Maintenance Service


If there is a maintenance man on-site, reach out to him when you need emergency repairs. He can often do many things on his own and will know when you reach out for help when he needs it. This will aid in speeding up the process in getting the repairs done.


Use this information if you ever find yourself needing an emergency commercial heating repair service. These are methods you can implement quickly so that you can get the important service that you need.

Attending to a Commercial Property’s HVAC Needs Before Selling

Before you sell your commercial property, you know that you need to have everything in tip top shape. This includes looking at the HVAC system to determine if you need any maintenance or professional commercial heating repair.


Check and Replace Filters


When the new owner comes in, you want them to not have to deal with the hassles of simple maintenance like replacing the filters on the HVAC system. It is ideal to put in a filter that is high-efficiency so that it keeps your system clean while ensuring optimal filtration to also keep the air in the building as clean as possible.


Clean the Ductwork and Registers


Clean air and optimal HVAC efficiency are highly dependent on you keeping the ductwork and registers as clean as possible. Having a professional cleaning is a good idea when you are working to sell a commercial property. This will reduce dust and impurities from floating through the air and will reduce the overall burden on your system to ensure it is not working to hard.


Test for Carbon Monoxide


The only way to know if your HVAC system is putting out carbon monoxide is to take the time to test for it. In addition to ensuring that all detectors are in good working order, have someone come in and do a test for carbon monoxide. Remember that this can be deadly, so it is critical to fix any issues that are putting this poisonous gas out into the air before handing over the keys to the new owner.


Clean Outside Units


Many commercial buildings have HVAC units outside, either on the property or on the roof. This means that they are exposed to the elements and the environment. When you are trying to sell your property, you want to take the time to clean these units. A professional is best because they know how to remove all dirt and debris without causing any harm to the unit. This will remove things like leaves and trash that can cause the system to clog up and work less efficiently.


Look at the Refrigerant Lines


These lines are responsible for ensuring that your system has the coolant that it needs to ensure cold air conditioning. Before selling your property, you want to have these lines inspected and make sure that they are strong. A repairman can let you know if any of the lines are having integrity issues so that you can make the right repairs and replacements.


Before you put your next commercial property on the market, take a good look at the HVAC system. If you notice any issues, enlist the help of a professional to get any commercial heating repair done in a timely manner.



Commercial Heating Can Save Money

How to Save Money with Commercial Heating

Business owners are not only concerned about the comfort and safety of their colleagues, but profit – a qualified commercial heating repair specialist can ensure that companies can maintain both aspects. Not only can a quality commercial heating system can help a business ensure that employees have a comfortable space to work, but also make the team more productive.

To ensure that a commercial heating system lives up to its full potential, there are some things that a company must remember.

1. Perform Regular Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance on a heating system is essential to ensure its longevity. A commercial heating repair specialist will be willing to assist with this process, which involves the cleaning of condenser coils, as well as belts and filters. Any duct leaks will need to be patched up, too, to ensure that an HVAC system continues to generate heat as efficiently as possible.

An HVAC system that is properly maintained can save up to 30% in energy costs, compared to a unit that has not been properly cleaned.

  1. Replace Old Units

Any HVAC unit that is older than 10 years should be replaced with a modern and energy efficient model. In recent years, HVAC systems have become significantly more environmentally friendly and energy efficient, and responsible business owners should take this into consideration.

Modern units can save more than 40% compared to old units, which over time covers the cost of paying to replace a system.

  1. Employ Qualified Repair Specialists

A qualified and experienced commercial heating repair specialist will be able to provide honest advice when it comes to mending problems with an HVAC system. A user may be advised to either replace their system, or elect to solve minor problems right away. By hiring a professional, users can ensure that no unnecessary expenditure is incurred as a result of replacing units.

  1. Consider Using Air Curtains

Air curtains are an increasingly popular zoning system that allow commercial heating systems to be tailored for individual rooms. Air curtains create a wall of air in doorways, stopping the flow of high or low temperature air in and out of a specific room.

This allows a commercial operation to maintain a lower temperature in a room with more people, and a higher temperature in a room that doesn’t need it.

5. Use an Energy Management System

Consider the benefits of an energy management system, which can offer a multitude of options for changing temperatures in each room. In combination with air curtains, an energy management system allows a heating system to change temperature depending on the room in question.

6. Use Programmable Thermostats

Finally, consider using a programmable thermostat that automatically changes the temperature at different times of day. This stops energy wastage and ensures that employees do not increase or decrease temperature during the day when it is not necessary.

Be Smart with Heating Options

Using a combination of these recommended systems and procedures, a commercial operation can save money and keep their heating system in top order.



Common Commercial Heating Issues

Addressing the Most Common Commercial Heating Issues

Commercial heating systems take on much more of a burden than a household unit. Often, they are heating and cooling large square footage and – depending on the nature of the building – the unit may be always running.

Having a comfortable space for employees as well as clients is critical for any business. Unfortunately, multiple issues may arise, which is why it is important that companies have a professional commercial heating repair service ready to help. Not all HVAC services offer repairs on industrial units, so it’s important that a business owner looks for a service with extensive experience in commercial units.

The Most Common Reasons Businesses Need Commercial Heating Repair

  1. Fan Failures

Often employees will notice that the space is cool or there is no air coming from the vents. An HVAC system cannot heat a building without a blower fan. In a commercial HVAC system, this fan is quite large and consists of fan blades, a motor, a large belt, and wiring.

Sometimes the wires may fray from wear and tear, which creates an electrical flow issue. This results in intermittent loss at first, and eventually, the system shuts down entirely.

Also, with extensive use, a fan’s belt can wear down and break. Lastly, the fan’s motor may give out from the widespread use or overwork due to a dirty system.

Anytime a business owner notices reduced air flow, they should contact their repair company for a service call. Catching the problem early is often less expensive to correct than when the system ultimately fails.

  1. Ductwork Issues

Ductwork in a commercial heating system is critical. When ductwork is clogged, warm air is not delivered to the building.

Most ductwork is extremely durable, and it can last a building’s lifetime without replacement. However, it does suffer wear and tear and requires routine cleaning to remain efficient. Any cracks or holes in the ductwork left unrepaired can result in severe heat loss.

To repair commercial ductwork, a company must have skill and expertise, because a commercial ductwork system is involved.

  1. Electrical Issues

The other common need for commercial heating repair is electrical problems. A commercial system requires an incredible amount of electricity to operate. In fact, an HVAC system will be one of the business’s largest energy consumers.

In a commercial system, several areas may develop electrical issues. A common problem is in the system’s capacitator. A commercial system has two types of capacitors: the starter and the running capacitator. Each works individually to help the system’s motor turn on and continue to run. If just one capacitator malfunctions, the entire system stops operating. Also, a capacitator failure can lead to a system-wide failure.

Diagnosing commercial heating problems is extensive, and it requires a professional that understands commercial systems.

There are dozens of components working in tandem to deliver heated air, and all it takes is one component’s malfunction to stop the whole system.