Important Benefits of Regular Commercial Building Maintenance

When you own commercial property or have a business, you need to do everything in your power to keep everything running. Services like a regular commercial heating service will help to keep the various components of your property in top-notch condition so that you face fewer unexpected problems in the future.


Systems Will Run Smoother


Regular maintenance keeps everything running smoother at your building. This saves you money and time. It also gives you some peace of mind because you know that everything you spend a lot of money to operate is working as it is intended. Make sure to follow all maintenance recommendations so that all of the components of your building are maintained on a regular basis.


Keep All Occupants More Comfortable


When it comes to things like heating and air conditioning, these are necessities and even one day where they malfunction can make those in the building very uncomfortable. When your tenants are comfortable, they are more likely to extend their lease when it is up, helping to keep you at full capacity.


Reduce the Need for Costly Replacements


Small problems become big problems when you ignore them. For example, if the pilot light keeps going out on the hot water heater, there is a reason it will not stay lit. If you ignore this and just keep lighting it again, the problem can get worse and eventually get to the point where you absolutely have to replacement it for the building to maintain hot water. When you do routine maintenance, you can often catch problems you did not know existed, allowing you to spot problems before they become a major issue.


Easier to Do Maintenance


When you do all maintenance regularly, it is less costly and it makes it faster to perform the necessary maintenance. Talk to an experienced repairman to get a solid schedule for when you should be getting all routine maintenance performed. Make sure that you attend to all of this maintenance on schedule to ensure a smooth running building.


Fix Problems Immediately for Savings


When someone breaks, the faster you replace it, the lower the risk of something else going wrong and costing you more money to fix it. When you own a commercial property, you want to always have some money put back so that when unexpected expenses pop up to make repairs, you can do so immediately.


Make sure to create a schedule for when to have things like a commercial heating service come in and look around. You want to have this type of work done at least once a year when it comes to performing maintenance and doing an equipment check up.

Commercial Heating Options

Efficient and Affordable Commercial Heating Options

A commercial heating service goes beyond fitting radiators and basic heating systems, incorporating larger systems like commercial fans, large radiant heaters and air curtains. With so many varieties of heating units available, retail units, offices, warehouses, and other commercial properties have a lot to consider.

The Three Major Commercial Heating Options

  1. Air Curtains

Air Curtains are a commercial heating unit that protect against the high costs of heating and air conditioning. They also ensure that heat cannot easily get in or out of a building. These barriers ensure that it’s easier for a commercial or other business space to maintain a constant room temperature.

Air curtains work by separating two zones where temperatures are intended to be different, using an invisible curtain of air. They do not use physical barriers, but instead use fast moving air to block air movement from one room into another. This creates a transparent barrier and allows for operating one cold room and one warmer room right next to one another without a door.

The air curtain unit is typically installed above a door or partition, and a reliable commercial heating service will scope out an office or commercial space to find the ideal place for it to be fitted.

  1. Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters are a traditional yet extremely effective form of heating. These heaters work in the same way as the sun heating the planet from above. Positions typically in the corners of the ceiling, a radiant heater will radiate heat outwards and fill the room.

These heaters provide instant heating with no moving parts, meaning there is no hum or other sounds when they are switched on. They also offer a low capital cost, allowing the user to heat only certain sections of a building.

Using infrared energy that is converted to heat when absorbed by objects in the room, a radiant heater system is extremely efficient and cheap for a business to set up. A commercial heating service will be able to locate the most efficient places for these to be fitted and install them.

These heaters can even be fitted outside, making them popular with venues that have large outdoor spaces for people to gather.

  1. Commercial Fans

Commercial fan systems use a fan and heating elements to direct heat outwards. This is an economical form of heating. It’s easy to install and air flow can be directed any which way the customer wants. This system also does not require pre-heating, meaning that as the elements are switched on and become hot, the room can be heated by simply switching on the fan. This provides a sudden boost in temperature, however, it is not ideal for managing a steady temperature.

Fans must be placed in a way that stops airflows from clashing, and any professional heating expert will be able to install them in an efficient way. Temperature can be increased more rapidly by increasing the speed of the fans, moving more hot air towards the center of the room more quickly.