Finding a Reputable Heating Professional When You Are New in Town

When you move to a new city, if you need some heating work done, you want to make sure that you contact the right professional for the job. Since you are not familiar with the companies in the area, you will need to be a little more diligent concerning how you find a good company. If you know your neighbors, you can ask them for a recommendation. However, there are other methods that can help you to get the heating service that you need.

Search on Google

You can input “HVAC companies” into the search bar and make sure that you are performing a local search to get localized results. You can also add your city and state to the search string to make sure that all of the results are relevant. Once you get the results, start writing down the contact information and read a bit more about the services that they offer, their experience and other important factors. You can quickly switch gears and Google each of the companies separately too. Doing this will allow you to get some reviews so that you can get a good idea if they are as good as they say they are.

Check Out Local Websites and Social Media

Many cities have their own websites and there is often a section where companies can advertise their services. You can check out the HVAC companies that are advertising and then contact them for more information. Do not forget to read some reviews too because you want to narrow down your list to the best options.

Social media is another great avenue because most companies are listed on various social media sites today. You can easily search sites like Facebook and get a list of some of the companies in your area. What is nice about this option is that all business pages have a rating and some reviews on Facebook. This gives you a glimpse of their overall service and professionalism immediately.

Ask at the Hardware Store

People who work in hardware stores know a lot of the professionals in the area. They can often recommend either an independent person or a company that has a great reputation for HVAC work. This is an easy way to quickly see which companies are recommended by people in the area, which usually means that they do good work.

You can see that it is not too difficult to find a professional for your heating service needs. Just make sure that you vet them well because poor work can cost you more money down the road. A company with a great reputation and some experience is going to be your best option.


Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Annual Residential Air Duct Cleaning

When it comes to keeping your home as clean and efficient as possible, tasks like regular heating service and air duct cleaning are important. Most people do not think about cleaning their air ducts unless they are having a problem. However, having this done at least once a year is highly beneficial to your total heating and air conditioning system. Knowing the benefits will help you to determine when you want to get your ducts cleaned next.


Reduces Irritants and Allergens


Air ducts are a common place for microorganisms and other harmful contaminants to gather. Common allergens like bacteria, mildew, spores, pet dander, pollen, mold and similar impurities like to collect in your ducts and these are then pushed into the air. When these are circulating, those with allergies are going to experience more significant allergy symptoms.


Your Home Will Be Cleaner


One of the biggest reasons to have annual air duct cleaning is to ensure a cleaner home. When your air ducts are not regularly cleaned, dirt and impurities accumulate in them. When air conditioning or heating is pumping through the duct work, this forces out these impurities and they start circulating throughout your home. This makes your home considerably more dusty.


Your Home Will Smell Better


Things like pet smells, paint fumes, tobacco, cleaning products, mold and foods all cause smells throughout your home. When your HVAC system is running, it causes these smells to circulate throughout your home. Years of accumulation in your duct work mean that every time you turn on your HVAC system, these odors are pushed into your home.


Occupants Can Breathe Easier


Even if people do not have allergies, other breathing problems might be worsened by dirty air ducts. Even those with healthy lungs might find that excess dust and impurities aggravate their respiratory tract. So, when you have your duct work cleaned regularly, this works to ensure that everyone is more comfortable in your home. It might also help to reduce the risk of spontaneous sneezing and coughing.


Better Air Flow Efficiency


When your air ducts are clean, the air from your air conditioning unit or furnace flows through easier. Excess impurities and dirt can restrict air flow and force your system to work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Because of this, clean air ducts can reduce energy costs by making your HVAC system more efficient.


As you can see, when you get your annual heating service done, it is a good idea to also schedule a professional duct cleaning. This will help to ensure that your home is fully clean and promotes a more efficient air conditioning and heating system.

Quick Tips to Reduce Heating Service and Repair Costs

When it comes to using a heating service, there are times when you have no other option. However, you can do some things in your own to help reduce the need to have your system repaired. With a little work on your own, you not only reduce your need to call a repairman, but you can also help to keep your entire home cleaner and in better condition.


Take the Time to Clean the External Components


There are a number of external components that you can check and clean without needing any knowledge of heating system. For example, you can look at the registers to make sure that dust and debris are not building up. Check the flame and make sure that there are no obstructions like dust and cobwebs that could affect it. This is a task you can do every other month to keep everything clean and in good working order.


Consider Not Using the Humidifier in Hot Weather


You do not have to use the humidifier feature on your system all throughout the year. When you are selective about when you use it, you are putting less stress on your system. When your system is able to relax a bit at certain times throughout the year, this helps to preserve the various components and protect them against working too hard. Ideally, when the weather is warm, do not use this feature since the air is already humid.


Check Your Air Filters Once a Month


The air filter on your system should be changed regularly to ensure that it is clean and properly getting the filtering done. Some systems require that you simply remove and replace the filter. With other units, you will remove the filter, clean it and then put it back into place. Regardless of your system, this is a quick and easy task to do every month.


Have an Annual Inspection


Having a professional inspection once a year is considerably less expensive than getting repairs done on your system. It is best to have this done either before winter or summer since these are the two seasons where you might rely on an HVAC system the most. In most cases, this inspection only takes a few hours, making it a quick and easy task. You can schedule it around things like school and work, so it is an easy task to work into your routine home maintenance checklist.


As you can see, it is not difficult to reduce your need to call a heating service to make repairs. Make sure to do these on a regular schedule and you will find that your system remains in much better condition.

5 Monthly Cleaning Tasks Everyone Needs to Start Doing

When it comes to keeping your home clean and avoiding the need for something like a professional heating service, there are some cleaning tasks that can help. Doing these tasks monthly not only keep your home cleaner, but they also help to better maintain things around your home.


Clean HVAC Registers


Enjoy cleaner air and a more efficient HVAC system when you clean your registers once a month. When you do this on a monthly basis, it is a quick job that you can complete in one to two hours. Simply pull up the registers, wipe them down with a damp rag and put them back into place. You can soak registers that are especially dirty to help remove the dirt and debris.


Wipe Down the Inside of Your Windows


This will take several hours or even a full day, but it is an important task. The outer windows can be done once or twice a year, but keeping your inner windows clean monthly helps to keep your home healthier. Dust, debris and other impurities quickly cling to and accumulate on your windows. When you clean them regularly, the job gets done faster and you will enjoy a cleaner home.


Clean the Grout in Your Bathroom


The group in your bathroom can quickly fall victim to build up and once hard water and similar factors start to accumulate, you will find that it is much more difficult to get everything clean. When you take care of your grout every 30 days, it will stay clean and you will not have to worry about impurity accumulation. At this time, you can also reinforce any grout that is weak or wearing down, so that your tiles stay perfectly in place.


Move Your Furniture to Clean Underneath


This is not an easy task, but it is something you can get done over the course of a weekend. Dust and debris build up under your furniture and it is important to remove these on a frequent basis. If you let it go for a prolonged period of time, you will find that when you do take the time to clean it, that removing the dirt is significantly more difficult and time consuming.


Attend to Your Curtains


Once a month, take your curtains down and wash them. This removes things like dirt and impurities from building up. This is especially important if you or someone in your home has allergies. This will also prevent the buildup of natural gas residue from a gas stove or heating system.


Use this information to keep your home clean and safe. Not only will everyone breathe easier, but you can avoid the costs of needing repairs like a heating service.