Why You Need A High Efficiency Heating System

Your furnace is one of those things that you don’t think about much until you actually need it. Unfortunately, by that point, you don’t have much wiggle room when it comes to fixing problems. Maintenance is something that needs to be done year round, particularly now that you can expect higher heating expenditures this winter.

While the amount of the increase will depend on the type of fuel you use, it’s estimated that over 90% of homes in the U.S. are going to pay more this year just to keep their homes livable.

If you do decide to replace your heating system, fuel is a big concern. At the moment, about one-half of U.S. households use natural gas and changes in energy prices are dependent on the changes in fuel prices. Natural gas is one of the biggest changes, with a whopping 14% increase. Overall, you can expect a 13% increase in heating costs this winter, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration at

Some older furnaces can be maintained well enough that they don’t waste too much energy. However, most furnaces built before this decade are less than energy friendly. You can learn to maintain your system on your own, but most people find it beneficial to hire professionals in to take care of this task.

Filters should be changed on a regular basis. This is a simple way to increase efficiency, but many home owners neglect it or only change the filter once a year when cold weather hits.

It’s also important to double check that your thermostat is working correctly. If it is not working, you will likely hear the furnace turning on and off more often than is necessary.

Vents and tubing should be cleared and cleaned regularly, as well. Blockages and debris are not only bad for health, they can also reduce the effectiveness of the heating or cooling system.

Choosing a more efficient heater means lower energy costs. It may be a good idea to look into replacing your existing system. Technology is improving rapidly as consumers realize the importance of having a high efficiency heating system. You will find that the more modern designs will cut costs drastically. In the long run, it could be easier on your budget to replace your furnace or heating system than to continue using the old one.

Whether you use a natural gas furnace or electric heating system, expect costs to go up. However, you can save money with proper maintenance and more efficient systems. There is no need to pay more than is strictly necessary.

Fall Maintenance Heating System Checks


Preseason heater check is very important for your safety. Winter months can be harsh and having a broken down heating system will only make your life harder. Most emergency winter service calls can be attributed to lack of maintenance and most people end up waiting long before a contractor is able to fix their problem. To avoid all this trouble, you’d be better off having your heating unit checked before winter sets in.

Most home owners assume that their unit will make it through the winter simply because it is working perfectly during the warm season. This often causes a lot of problems when the unit breaks down when it is needed the most. During winter, your HVAC system is forced to work extra hard in order to warm up your house. The fact that it’s now working on reverse after the summer seasons only makes things worse. Fall maintenance heating system checks ensure most of these potential problems are avoided.

There are plenty of things that could go wrong with your unit and you may never detect them until a professional gives it a look. Thermostats wear out quickly depending on different factors. If they are not replaced on time, they end up forcing your heating system to work on over drive. This will affect your energy bills in a very negative way. Replacing worn out thermostats just before the winter season sets in will ensure your system is working efficiently and keep your energy bills on the low side.

Your unit’s electrical components could also be faulty and may need tightening. In order to prevent break downs and increase the life of major components, a qualified technician needs to measure current on motors and measure voltage to ensure everything is running as it should. The problem with electrical components is that you may never know they are damaged unless a professional checks them out. Maintenance can reduce furnace repairs, saving you thousands of dollars.

Heating systems also come with a lot of moving parts. Just like any other machine, the gears in these units need to be lubricated once in a while. This task may seem easy but will take a skilled person to do it correctly. Spilling the lubricants on electrical components in the unit could short circuit your system, leading to even bigger problems.

Checking that the controls are in perfect working condition ensures your system starts, operates and shuts in the right manner. This will not only provide the right air conditions during winter, but will also increase the life of your unit. This saves you money and a lot of inconveniences.