Important Home Maintenance Tasks to Schedule Annually

You want to make sure that your home is in excellent condition and this is going to require some regular maintenance. There are certain tasks that you can have done once every one to two years and they are relatively simple and inexpensive. These tasks will help to save you money because if there is an issue, it can be promptly taken care of. Whether you are maintaining your residential air conditioning or plumbing, you know that regular attention is critical.

Have Your Plumbing Inspected

Few things are worse than coming home from work and finding water flooding your home. If your plumbing is in poor condition, this is a very real possibility. It is a good idea to get ahead of a major problem like this by having your plumbing inspected approximately once a year. Then, if the plumber sees a problem, you can plan to have it fixed before a major disaster happens.

Have a Professional Inspect Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is responsible for your heating and air conditioning, so you want it to be running smoothly at all times. In addition to performing an inspection once a year, you can have a professional also take care of some of the routine maintenance, such as making sure that your ductwork is clean. This could be a task that takes most of the day, but it is worth it and it can actually save you some money over time.

Make Sure That Your Foundation is in Excellent Condition

When the foundation of your home is not in good condition, it can compromise the entire structure. You want to have it inspected every year or two so that you know if it is in need of repair.

Check for Termites

Termites can wreak havoc and cause a lot of damage very quickly. Because of this, it is important to have a pest control professional come in to look for termites and perform some preventative measures to reduce the risk of them invading your home.

Have an Electrician Check Your Wiring

You do not want to find out about faulty electricity when it is too late. A quick inspection allows you to have some peace of mind. This type of inspection does not take long and your electrician will be able to quickly spot any possible issues.

Now you know more about how to properly attend to the needs of your home. Make sure that you schedule your services, such as where someone inspects your residential air conditioning, in advance so that you can properly plan for it. Someone will need to be home for these tasks to be completed by the professionals.



Ensuring a Clean Home When You Have Pets

When you have pets, you can coexist and have a clean home. The key is to know what to clean that you normally do not do. For example, you want to clean your residential air conditioning vents and ducts regularly to prevent dander and fur from circulating throughout your home. Knowing what extra things to clean and how often ensures that your home is clean and healthy for all human and animal family members


Clean Your Vents and Duct Work


Pet fur and dander can collect in your air ducts and vents and when you turn on your air conditioning or heat, it forces the dander and fur into the air of your home. This can aggravate allergies and breathing issues, as well as cause fur and dander to collect on surfaces and make them appear unclean.


Groom Pets When Necessary


Grooming your pets is a very effective way to reduce shedding fur and dander. How often your pet should be groomed will depend on their species and breed. For example, when it comes to cats, Persian cats will need to be groomed on a regular basis due to their excessive fur. However, a short haired domestic cat might not need professional grooming at all. You might be able to brush and bathe your short haired domestic cat at home one to two times a year.


Get Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning


Pet fur and dander can settle into upholstery and carpeting and regular vacuuming will not be able to get it out. Having a professional come in to steam clean these components of your home help to remove dander and fur, as well as any stains or odors that come from your pets.


Change Bedding Weekly


Bedding is a haven for accumulating allergens, and these include both pet fur and dander. If your pets share your bed, it is best to change your bedding every three days. If they do not share it, you can usually get away with changing bedding weekly. Make sure to use the hottest water temperature possible on your washer to fully eliminate dander, fur and other allergens like dust mites.


Make Dusting a Regular Habit


Pet dander and fur love to fly through the air and stick to a variety of surfaces. Because of this, you want to make sure that you are dusting regularly so that these cannot accumulate. How often you need to dust will ultimately depend on the fur and dander that comes from your pet. However, it is a good idea to do a complete dusting of your home at least once a week.


As you can see, it is possible to have pets and a clean and spotless home. It takes a little more work and diligence, but now that you know that you have to clean the regular stuff along with things like your upholstery and residential air conditioning components regularly, you will find that it is easy to maintain a healthy home.

Why You Need Central Air Conditioning In Your Home

When it comes to residential air conditioning, most people just grab some window units to keep themselves comfortable in hot weather. While these can certainly be effective and helpful, nothing beats central air conditioning. There are many benefits you should know about to help you make the choice to install central air conditioning in your home.


Keep Your Home at the Right Temperature


Everyone has a specific home temperature that they are most comfortable in and with this type of air conditioning, you have full control over the temperature. You can play around with the thermostat until you find a temperature that makes your entire home comfortable. Make sure to check each room to ensure that they are all at a constant temperature.


Avoid Heat Exhaustion


Heat exhaustion is a big problem, especially for older people and kids. Those with certain medical conditions are also more vulnerable. This can be very serious and eventually lead to heat stroke if the heat continues and you do not get to a cool environment. When this type of air conditioning, you can easily ensure that your environment is cool and comfortable to avoid heat-related problems.


Sleep Easier


Anything who knows about sleep will tell you that you sleep better when you are in a cool environment. This type of AC will keep your bedroom at a constant and cool temperature throughout the night, so that you can sleep easy. The heat makes it hard to get comfortable and can wake you up, so this kind of AC can prevent these issues. Experiment with the temperature and make sure not to make your bedroom too cold, but if you are shivering, this too can interrupt your sleep.


Prevent Breathing Difficulties


Those with breathing difficulties like asthma and COPD can sometimes be triggered by heat and humidity. This is because when the air is overly humid, it can feel thicker, making it more difficult to breathe freely. When you keep your home cool, there is a lower chance of experiencing a heat-related breathing problem.


Enhance Your Energy


It is not uncommon to feel overly fatigued when you are in a hot environment. When you have this type of AC in your home, you can adjust the temperature and get rid of the heat and humidity. This will help to keep you more productive and you will not start feeling that fatigue and weakness that occurs when your body is too hot.


As you can see, when it comes to residential air conditioning, central air is the superior choice. Just make sure that the system is installed professionally so that you are getting the most benefit from it.



Top Five Luxuries That Helps to Sell Homes

When someone is looking to buy a new home, there are some luxuries that can help them to pull the trigger. Things like residential air conditioning and a pool keep people cool and give them some comforts that other homes in the area might not be offering.


Swimming Pool


Having a swimming pool is one of the ultimate signs of luxury. This pool does not have to be big and it can be above ground or in the ground. The key is that it is well-maintained and clean. Staging your pool area is a good idea when you are showing your home because you want potential buyers to be able to see themselves using the pool. Some basic lighting and relaxing pool furniture will help to create an atmosphere that makes people want to dive it.


Central Air Conditioning


Central air conditioning helps to keep people comfortable in the warm months. It helps to ensure that the home is the same temperature throughout. Compared to window units, this kind of air conditioning is much more efficient, so in addition to keeping your whole home cool, it also helps to save you money.


Recessed Lighting


Recessed lighting is very popular today and this is because it has a really luxurious feel to it. It casts a more golden and ambient glow compared to other types of lighting. It does this while also ensuring that you can easily see what you are doing because it provides adequate light. In many cases, people put this type of lighting on a dimmer, so that people can adjust how much light is in each room of the home.


Kitchen Island


This is a luxury that helps to make the function and flow of your kitchen more efficient. The island does not have to be big. In fact, it should fit within the size of the kitchen and not cause an obstruction. Making it large enough to add two stools so that it also operates as a breakfast bar will add a little something extra to help people see themselves enjoying breakfast there.


Spa Bathroom


A spa bathroom allows people to relax after a long day and it gives them a space in their home to help alleviate stress. This kind of bathroom will have a serene atmosphere. The bathtub tends to be oversized, so that people can easily lie in it comfortably. The lighting has an option to adjust the brightness so that when someone is relaxing, they can keep the lights low.


Consider adding at least one of these luxuries if your home does not already have one. When you list the house, be very specific about the residential air conditioning or other luxuries that future owners will enjoy.

Benefits of Residential Air Conditioning

How to Benefit from Residential Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is widely used in retail spaces, in work offices, and even in hotels – but not everyone utilizes this technology at home. Residential air conditioning is surprisingly affordable these days, and it can make a home life so much more comfortable in a variety of ways.

The Three Main Benefits of Home Air Conditioning

1. Air Filters Make Air Cleaner

A residential air conditioning system will use an air filter, which goes beyond maintaining a steady temperature and ensuring that the air being breathed contains minimal pollutants. The filters use special fibrous materials to get rid of solid particles in the air, which can include man-made chemicals and dirt, dust that collects in the home, and even pollen, bacteria, and mold from outdoors.

By removing these pollutants from the air, a user can avoid allergic reactions in their home and breathe easier at night. By regularly replacing the air filters in a home HVAC system, the user can maintain clean air at home, which is great for general health, and especially beneficial for people who already suffer from respiratory conditions.

2. Keep a Home Quiet and Peaceful

A home without an air conditioning system will need open windows to reduce the air temperature, which isn’t ideal for people who live in the city. It also leads back to the original point, in that open windows can let in a multitude of bacteria, pollutants, and pollen.

With a residential air conditioning unit, it’s possible to keep a home peaceful and quiet, as it will require the user to keep windows closed in order to properly ventilate the room and maintain a steady temperature.

In turn, this makes it easier to relax, and even improves sleep by stopping any unwanted noises from outdoors entering the home.

3. Improves Efficiency

One of the primary reasons why businesses use HVAC systems so regularly is not just for the benefits outlined above, but also because it helps improve productivity. This is perfect for home users, too, providing an extra energy boost that makes life more productive.

An HVAC system maintains a comfortable temperature in a home, reducing stress and discomfort caused by warm temperatures.

When a home temperature is too warm, the body gets tired more quickly, causing fatigue and reducing the ability to perform. With clean, temperature-controlled air, a user can ensure that they remain healthy, productive, and happy.

  1. Great for Large Families

An HVAC at home is particularly important for people with large families, who will be bringing in plenty of pollutants through the front door and on their clothes. The more people there are in a home, the stuffier and polluted the air can become. A home HVAC system removes the pollutants, maintains healthy air for all, and maintains a steady temperature that is comfortable for everybody.

Home air conditioning units can be surprisingly convenient for large families and residential spaces.