10 Reasons Your Family Needs a Humidifier


Do I Need a Humidifier?

Here in San Diego, we enjoy the benefits of a moderate and comfortable winter – for the most part. Unfortunately, we also live in an environment that is dry in the winter. While this helps us stave off the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures of other parts of the country, it wreaks its own havoc.

Dryness in your air – especially inside your home – can cause a lot of sneaky symptoms and other problems to your health and to your home. While we chalk many of these symptoms up to the throes of the winter season, there’s another culprit – a lack of humidity. Run through this checklist to see if any of these problems are all too familiar – or if you remember them from last year. If so, you may be at risk of living in a too-dry environment:

Common Dry-Air Problems

  • Cracking skin – especially at the joints
  • Chapped lips
  • Dry eyes
  • Frequent nasal congestion or nose bleeds
  • Dry, scratchy throat
  • Cotton mouth
  • Coughing – especially a very dry, unproductive cough
  • For asthma sufferers – more frequent flare-ups at home or while sleeping
  • Chronic snoring
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Brittle hair and dandruff
  • Cold, flu, or bronchitis outbreaks throughout your family
  • Cracking paint or wallpaper on your walls or other structures
  • Damage to wooden furniture or beams
  • Cracking leather inside your home
  • Cracked or brittle upholstery inside your home
  • Wrinkled or cracked book pages and bindings
  • Astronomical utility bills when you run your heat

Sound familiar? You DO Need a Humidifier!

What will a Humidifier Do for Me?

Humidifiers work to regulate the rH, or relative humidity, inside of your home. They’re gentle, safe to operate – even around babies and children – and they’re good for everyone in your family if your air is too dry! Even your pets can avoid itchy, flaky skin and the same dry, wintry symptoms you suffer from when the humidifier is running.

The humidity your new humidifier will bring to your air restores a balance which allows your family to breathe easier and may even stave off the kinds of bacteria that thrive in dry environments – keeping you all healthier. Moisture in your air will also protect your walls, your furniture, and your energy bill. Your heat will crank on less often if the air is moist, thus making it feel slightly warmer. The dry air here in San Diego is cool, making your heater work extra & costing you a fortune!

For more on the benefits of humidifiers, check out our infographic here & share it with your loved ones, to keep their homes and health top-quality this fall & winter! Tweet @AirmaxxHVAC and let us know how your new humidifier makes you feel!

Please note: though humidifiers are reputed as being helpful, if not preventive during cold and flu season, we’re HVAC specialists & not doctors. We can’t promise any health benefits or curative powers of humidifiers but we sure hope yours makes you feel better this winter! Thanks, Airmaxx.


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