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Sometimes when you search for HVAC companies it’s hard to tell if they really believe in quality. Airmaxx is different! Airmaxx Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to serve the San Diego area. We are a Certified Carrier dealer, so we offer top of the line HVAC products to satisfy all of your needs. The Carrier brand is synonymous with quality and efficiency; you likely have heard of this renowned brand, and to further acquaint you with it, we’d like to tell you that we offer a wide range of Carrier products; from ductless systems to heat pumps, boilers and much more. They will help you lower your monthly electric bills and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. We offer Carrier products to heighten indoor air quality, thermostats and controls, and heating and cooling appliances, so you will have a choice of the very best products to ensure your year-round comfort.


Even though the air in a home is invisible, it must be safe to breathe. Our products help to eliminate allergens, moisture, bacteria, and viruses from the air. Our humidifiers will add necessary moisture to stale and dry air. Our ventilators introduce fresh air from the outdoors and circulate it throughout the house. Our air cleaners and UV lamps guard against harmful items that cause illness or breathing problems. To prevent the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, we carry alarms that send alerts when levels become dangerously high.


It is essential to have appliances that keep the home at a comfortable temperature during all four seasons. We have heat pumps, ductless systems, furnaces, and air conditioners that run efficiently. Our Carrier line will provide ultimate performance and durability.


Having a solid thermostat means that the home’s temperature will be easily controlled. Our Infinity Series with patented technology will provide the ultimate in comfort and ease of management. Our top units will allow you to manage multiple home zones as well. Programmable thermostats make it simple to set times when the house will be empty. For example, when you leave for work in the morning, the air conditioning or heat can be set accordingly and returned to normal when you return.

The mentioned Carrier products are just a few of the many items that we can recommend for your individual budget. For more information, call us at (619)655-3010. We put your needs first and wish to bring all of our customers total satisfaction. We look forward to bringing you durable Carrier products that will keep you comfortable and save you money.

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