Patricio O.
Patricio O.
23. July, 2022.
Amazing service and response.  I submitted a quote request and received a reply by Alex  in less than an hr.  I explained the issue along with photos.and we had a quick call and he said he would come out the next day!

Alex showed up right on time.  He looked over the until and explained the issue and the work that needed to be performed and a simple estimate.  He was able to replace the daily part and even provided a service of the unit to ensure it continues running properly!

Alex G is very professional and great at explaining what needed to be performed.  In short words.  Alex is the man!  

I will be suggesting AirMaxx to all my friends and family for their AC/heating needs!
Kathy M.
Kathy M.
22. July, 2022.
Alex came out, same day.  We had ASI out 3 times with no solution and their recommendation to replace our AC, cost around 10K.  First thing Alex did was check the thermostat, Hmmmmm, I thought it was flashing L-6, nope, L-b, low battery.  We changed the batteries and voila, it worked.  The unit is old and we will buy a new one.  Alex was efficient, on time and kind.  They will get my business in the future.
Robert S.
Robert S.
18. July, 2022.
Called in at 7:55 am on July 18, 2022. Got a call back from Airmaxx within an hour. A technician, Gilbert Cortez, was able to get to our house at around 11:00 am. He was very helpful and managed to track down our wiring problem & fix it. We were very impressed with his friendly manner & and suggestions on what we would need to watch for in the future. We would definitely do business with Airmaxx in the future.
Jim A.
Jim A.
18. July, 2022.
I'm not easily impressed but airmaxx did it. Was having problems with my AC, Called at 8:00AM  Monday morning. Gilbert the tech was at my place by 10:00AM . My system was back running by 11:00. I spent almost 50yrs in Const/remodeling so service and timeliness means something.  If anyone asks, I WILL recommend Airmaxx. two thumbs up and if I had a third thumb , I'd give it too.

Thank you
Jim Adams
N O.
N O.
18. July, 2022.
Only used them for a quote, we decided not to spend the money for the nice-to-have fix just yet, but from the initial meeting Alex was on time, friendly, and knowledgable.  From this initial meeting, I would use them again when the time comes, the price was reasonable/within range of others and just the fact that I could schedule online was a plus.
Matt C.
Matt C.
16. July, 2022.
Jene, was responsive, clear and considerate. He gave an honest assessment of our hvac unit and provided a
Solution to our problem. Very happy!
Rich G.
Rich G.
12. July, 2022.
Alex came out to service and diagnose our Central AC unit. Our unit is roughly 15+ years old, however we only began actively using AC the last few years.  Our unit began spewing water below the unit, enough water to cause large puddles of water in our hallway and garage. Upon arriving and opening the cabinet where our unit was installed, Alex immediately asks if our system was installed by Sears!   We did purchase our system from Sears before went out of business. I asked how he knew, as our unit was not exclusively sold by Sears, and he said he could tell by the installation.  Not only that, but he proceeded to show me errors that were made, that were common errors made by the Sears installers. Including how our condensation pump was not properly installed. How it was installed, typically led to the pipes being clogged, which he suspected was our issue.  He explained other possible causes, but through his experience, he said that the clogged piping should be our problem. He also indicated that a safety shut off switch, which should have been installed, was never put in. Then he shows me the vacant area where the switch should be. This switch would have shut off our AC when water began backing up into our unit, instead of water just spewing everywhere causing pooling. Alex proceeded to fix all the issues and errors from the original installation. All the while explaining why things were wrong and how he is correcting the issues. He was so helpful, professional, and a wealth of knowledge as he explained all aspects of our system. Thanks Alex for all your help! We'll now continue to stay cool from now on without worry.  We highly recommend Alex and this company!
Tony B.
Tony B.
12. July, 2022.
Gilbert came out to check my a/c unit and went all out. He took the time to check everything and answered all of my questions. Gilbert was extremely helpful and genuine.
James G.
James G.
11. July, 2022.
Thumbs up to these proffessionals at airmax heating and air. Trying to find a someone who knows what there doing is very hard to find today, most of the people didn't have a clue or they had to ask there boss. how pathetic! When  you call airmaxx they are the real deal , they get to the problem, they will give you straight answers , and most of all a great price without asking for a discount. Ivan Tuchak the senior tech was beyond outstanding ,he really did, he is polite, he listened to all of your concerns and most of all was very careful with your stuff.  When the job was done he cleaned after himself, made sure we were happy with his work. and He really takes pride in his workmanship. whether your just looking for a repair or a new A/C , guarantee you won't be disappointed..outstanding work guys!  Referals from us will definitely be without question.

thank you,
Chelle L.
Chelle L.
10. July, 2022.
My AC had gone out and I was in a panic lol I checked a few places called this one and they got back to me right away and actually came out within the hour to fix my AC!!  the price was reasonable the guy was helpful and efficient and knew what he was talking about,  and I would recommend them to anybody!
Thank you Alex!!!
  •   I'm always skeptical of those businesses with 5stars on Yelp, but I needed to fix my heater urgently. So I gave this Airmaxx business a try. They were highly responsive and sent Ozzy the next day. Ozzy did a quick assessment of the issue, checked both attics, tested all three furnaces, then found out the problem and fixed it. I now see why they are 5 stars on Yelp. Well deserved.

    thumb Sam O.

      We used AirMaxx to replace our old inefficient systems with the new Carrier equipment: 3 furnaces, 3 ACs, and all the ductwork. It was a large project. They did an excellent job that took several days to complete. I also opted for 3 Nest thermostats. I love the Nest products and the ability to be connected to my home from anywhere. It was the icing on the cake.
    The entire process was transparent and easy, from the estimate (Alex gave it) to the complete installation- no miscommunication or price changes. It was a pleasure to deal with them. Almost three years later, everything is still working as it should, without any hiccups.
    I'm thankful to the Airmax team for vastly improving the comfort of my home. I highly recommend them!!

    thumb BlueBell ..

      Our 20+ yr old heater quit working and we needed to have it fixed right away as the nights have been cold. I checked Yelp and found Airmaxx as one of the highest rated in the area. I called at around 9am and got an appointment for a technician between 11am and 1pm. Their tech, Alejandro came at around 11:15am and asked a few questions regarding the problem. He checked the heater and determined the problem in 2 minutes. He replaced the part for a reasonable price, tested the system and the heater worked again. Alejandro was very professional, making sure that he put on shoe protection and was very careful going up the attic as access to the attic was in the closet. He also replaced the attic access cover in its proper position when he was done.
    Our heater may be on its last legs. When the time to replace it comes, Airmaxx will definitely be the first one to call.

    thumb Ed S.
  •   We have used them many times and they have never failed us. We have received excellent and professional service. For our annual heating maintenance, Jeff did a nice job. I trust them.

    thumb Carole M.

      I was visited recently by one of Airmaxx's Comfort Consultants, Rudy Alfaro. He was the best, amazingly thorough, asked a lot of questions and soon had our HVAC humming along. What is significant is that Rudy was able to solve and fix a problem we have been struggling with for years.
    i highly recommend Rudy because he is so knowledgeable and thorough in his approach to problem solving. My wife and i are very impressed.
    If anybody would like a reference, just contact me.
    Tony G.

    thumb Anthony G.

      Air Max came over to our house and reviewed our existing air conditioning and heating system. We are not ready to make a change but we see that coming and want to be prepared. They were generous with their time and consideration and gave us a clear proposal without any pressure to buy.

    thumb Glenn T.
  •   We contacted Cory Edwards from AirMaxx from the El Cajon office about our old gas heater that died. We did our homework and researched many companies and we did make a decision to go with another company. But AirMaxx was high on our list. The time and information about electric heating from Cory was extremely helpful.
    Excellent response and great knowledge.

    Thank you Cory

    thumb Rose B.

      I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Alex from Air Max HVAC for a repair issue. What stood out immediately was his willingness to provide help over the phone. Not only did he patiently explain the problem, but he also walked me through the steps to fix it myself, which was both educational and cost-effective. This level of customer service is rare and commendable. Alex has not only earned my trust for future HVAC needs but also my highest recommendations to others. His expertise and customer-first approach make him a standout professional in the HVAC industry.

    thumb Marc M.

      Called and was able to get a technician to stop by. Showed up during the provided window and quickly provided troubleshooting.

    thumb Abrahan R.
  •   Bought system from Airmaxx ten years ago. Works great still! Called them to have them come out to check system to make sure all was still good. Did recommend some duct replacement (they are 40 years old). But no service charge. Friendly and professional.

    thumb Karin S.

      Our Carrier Infinity gas furnace stopped working. I contacted Airmaxx as they were the contractor who originally installed the furnace 13 years ago. Ryan responded and determined that the issue was the air blower motor. A few days later Ryan replaced the motor and the furnace is operational again. Many of the other contractors were baffled with this furnace and their solution was to replace it at three times the repair cost. I am glad that I contacted an ethical and professional contractor that gets the job done. I highly recommend Airmaxx.

    thumb George D.

      The owner, Remington, is both professional and very knowledgeable. I am very impressed and pleased by the work he did for me. I highly recommend him for any of your HVAC needs or repairs.

    thumb Paul S.
  •   Airmaxx is a pretty unique company, and I wasn't quite sure what to make of them, at first. I ended up going with them and, one year later, I am glad that I did.

    I solicited four bids to replace my residential HVAC system, and they were the least expensive, by far. The owner, Alex, came to the house and provided the estimate. He spent considerably less time surveying the house than the others, which did give me some pause. Nevertheless, after doing a lot of research, I was pleased to see that they offered nearly exactly the equipment I thought would work best.

    Other contractors not only were more expensive and offered equipment I was less enthusiastic about, but they tried to upsell me on extras that I didn't think I needed--not so with Airmaxx. To the contrary, Alex actually persuaded me to not get some extras I had been interested in. After initially balking because the quote seemed almost too good to be true, Alex called me and offered to shave off a substantial amount on the quote, making it a done deal.

    Whereas others said the job would take two days, Airmaxx said it could be completed in just one. They sent out a large crew and easily completed the installation in one day. There were, however, a couple of discretionary things about the installation that I wish they had better communicated to me during the installation. Nothing was a deal breaker, but my advice would be to keep close tabs during the installation, which can be a challenge if work is going on at multiple locations at the same time throughout the house, indoor and outdoor.

    Just before the one-year mark after installation, a heat pump developed a refrigerant leak. Remarkably, I was able to get same day service (on a Friday), within a few hours. The technician was honest in attributing the failure to a bad flare joint at the time of installation, meaning that it would be covered under warranty. The definitive repair was scheduled for the following Monday, and, as a temporizing measure, the technician refilled the system with refrigerant to get me through a cold weekend. I did take that repair as an opportunity to address the placement of the heat pump, which I had wished I had been more on top of at the time of installation. While this did require a modest fee, it was a negligible cost with respect to how much less expensive their overall costs of installation were compared to other bidders.

    Shortly thereafter, I thought the equipment might be malfunctioning (seemingly shutting down before it reached the desired temperature). Again, a service technician came out quickly, on the same day, within just a few hours after placing the call. He spent a lot of time troubleshooting and making sure that everything was functioning properly and patiently walked me through the equipment's normal operation so that we could both be confident that it was functioning as intended. (It turned out to be a quirk of the system's algorithms to achieve efficiency, in which it "coasts" down to the desired temperature. One can simply add a couple degrees to get it there earlier.)

    So, overall several things stand out:
    -Competitive pricing
    -Quick turnaround for installation and service
    -Dedication and professionalism of the service techs

    thumb Marshall E.

      Our furnace stopped working on a very cold night this past week. I called Airmaxx and got an immediate response and the technician Sam came out within two hours of my call.

    Sam evaluated the situation and determined very quickly what was wrong and replaced the capacitor which fixed the blower.

    Sam was honest, informative, and professional. He told me the three possible scenarios for expense, and for fixing the furnace. He educated me about the furnace function, and the components that could fail.

    In only two hours he was able to disassemble half of the furnace and replace the capacitor and reassemble all the parts. The cost was lower than expected, and we are very grateful to have our heat back on.

    Congratulations to Airmaxx and to Sam. What a great company.

    thumb Dimitri T.

      Vladimir was our tech and came to our house to service a faulty furnace. He texted and said it would take 15 minutes to get to our house which he arrived and then diagnosed the issue. It took him 3-5 to access the problem and 30-40 minutes to put in a new igniter. We could have been taking to the cleaners but his honesty and punctuality are the reasons we would recommend Airmaxx to anyone with heating issues. Thx

    thumb Eric K.
  •   Was able to come out the same day and fixed the furnace. Friendly and kind. Will definitely call again!

    thumb Courtney B.

      We needed to replace our fifty-year-old furnace and my wife wanted to move its location from the hallway to the attic. In September we called 4 companies and the prices ranged from $8,400 to $14,500 (it pays to call because some companies are abusive and try to take advantage). Unlike others, Airmaxx's Gene was the only one who gave us a straight-forward no-nonsense assessment and estimate. It was also the lowest estimate. They did the job in one day! Very professional and clean. After 3 months, I can say that we have a very efficient furnace and our electric bill is lower.

    thumb Max P.

      Airmaxx is legit!! We have some very specific concerns about the size of the unit, placement, and not being oversized. Our concerns were thoroughly addressed. It was so refreshing to NOT feel "sold" or pressured into a larger than needed system. The quality of the install was impeccable. The service was professional, thorough, and accommodating too. As for the value, Airmaxx wasn't the cheapest, but they were the best value when all components are considered (install, returns, vents, and ducting). They handedly delivered on their service promises. Well done Airmaxx.

    thumb Tiffany T.
  •   Th company and its representatives are great. They arrived on time for all appointments. Cory was very informative and explained all the aspects of the heater and air conditioning along with how the attic duct work was going to be installed. The installers were efficient and completed the work in less time than expected.
    Cory later came by to make sure I was happy (which I was.)

    thumb Danielle B.
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