Patricio O.
Patricio O.
23. July, 2022.
Amazing service and response.  I submitted a quote request and received a reply by Alex  in less than an hr.  I explained the issue along with photos.and we had a quick call and he said he would come out the next day!

Alex showed up right on time.  He looked over the until and explained the issue and the work that needed to be performed and a simple estimate.  He was able to replace the daily part and even provided a service of the unit to ensure it continues running properly!

Alex G is very professional and great at explaining what needed to be performed.  In short words.  Alex is the man!  

I will be suggesting AirMaxx to all my friends and family for their AC/heating needs!
Kathy M.
Kathy M.
22. July, 2022.
Alex came out, same day.  We had ASI out 3 times with no solution and their recommendation to replace our AC, cost around 10K.  First thing Alex did was check the thermostat, Hmmmmm, I thought it was flashing L-6, nope, L-b, low battery.  We changed the batteries and voila, it worked.  The unit is old and we will buy a new one.  Alex was efficient, on time and kind.  They will get my business in the future.
Robert S.
Robert S.
18. July, 2022.
Called in at 7:55 am on July 18, 2022. Got a call back from Airmaxx within an hour. A technician, Gilbert Cortez, was able to get to our house at around 11:00 am. He was very helpful and managed to track down our wiring problem & fix it. We were very impressed with his friendly manner & and suggestions on what we would need to watch for in the future. We would definitely do business with Airmaxx in the future.
Jim A.
Jim A.
18. July, 2022.
I'm not easily impressed but airmaxx did it. Was having problems with my AC, Called at 8:00AM  Monday morning. Gilbert the tech was at my place by 10:00AM . My system was back running by 11:00. I spent almost 50yrs in Const/remodeling so service and timeliness means something.  If anyone asks, I WILL recommend Airmaxx. two thumbs up and if I had a third thumb , I'd give it too.

Thank you
Jim Adams
N O.
N O.
18. July, 2022.
Only used them for a quote, we decided not to spend the money for the nice-to-have fix just yet, but from the initial meeting Alex was on time, friendly, and knowledgable.  From this initial meeting, I would use them again when the time comes, the price was reasonable/within range of others and just the fact that I could schedule online was a plus.
Matt C.
Matt C.
16. July, 2022.
Jene, was responsive, clear and considerate. He gave an honest assessment of our hvac unit and provided a
Solution to our problem. Very happy!
Rich G.
Rich G.
12. July, 2022.
Alex came out to service and diagnose our Central AC unit. Our unit is roughly 15+ years old, however we only began actively using AC the last few years.  Our unit began spewing water below the unit, enough water to cause large puddles of water in our hallway and garage. Upon arriving and opening the cabinet where our unit was installed, Alex immediately asks if our system was installed by Sears!   We did purchase our system from Sears before went out of business. I asked how he knew, as our unit was not exclusively sold by Sears, and he said he could tell by the installation.  Not only that, but he proceeded to show me errors that were made, that were common errors made by the Sears installers. Including how our condensation pump was not properly installed. How it was installed, typically led to the pipes being clogged, which he suspected was our issue.  He explained other possible causes, but through his experience, he said that the clogged piping should be our problem. He also indicated that a safety shut off switch, which should have been installed, was never put in. Then he shows me the vacant area where the switch should be. This switch would have shut off our AC when water began backing up into our unit, instead of water just spewing everywhere causing pooling. Alex proceeded to fix all the issues and errors from the original installation. All the while explaining why things were wrong and how he is correcting the issues. He was so helpful, professional, and a wealth of knowledge as he explained all aspects of our system. Thanks Alex for all your help! We'll now continue to stay cool from now on without worry.  We highly recommend Alex and this company!
Tony B.
Tony B.
12. July, 2022.
Gilbert came out to check my a/c unit and went all out. He took the time to check everything and answered all of my questions. Gilbert was extremely helpful and genuine.
James G.
James G.
11. July, 2022.
Thumbs up to these proffessionals at airmax heating and air. Trying to find a someone who knows what there doing is very hard to find today, most of the people didn't have a clue or they had to ask there boss. how pathetic! When  you call airmaxx they are the real deal , they get to the problem, they will give you straight answers , and most of all a great price without asking for a discount. Ivan Tuchak the senior tech was beyond outstanding ,he really did, he is polite, he listened to all of your concerns and most of all was very careful with your stuff.  When the job was done he cleaned after himself, made sure we were happy with his work. and He really takes pride in his workmanship. whether your just looking for a repair or a new A/C , guarantee you won't be disappointed..outstanding work guys!  Referals from us will definitely be without question.

thank you,
Chelle L.
Chelle L.
10. July, 2022.
My AC had gone out and I was in a panic lol I checked a few places called this one and they got back to me right away and actually came out within the hour to fix my AC!!  the price was reasonable the guy was helpful and efficient and knew what he was talking about,  and I would recommend them to anybody!
Thank you Alex!!!
  •   I've used them a number of times in my remodels and rentals. Alex is so responsive and honest. Never tries to upsell and will even suggest less expensive solutions! I had the presumption since they advertise so much that for sure they pass those costs down to the customers! They do NOT!! So fairly priced! They will for sure be my go to for all HVAC needs! Thank you!

    thumb Uzma P.

      If I could give these guys 50 stars I would.

    I have a central AC unit that had a ton of problems, very complex issues going on. I called them out to troubleshoot and the guy came over and identified the main issue pretty quickly. It was something I was able to do, so I fixed that issue once I knew what it was.

    After that part was fixed, there were still a few issues going on. I called them again and I spoke with them.

    They assisted me over the phone and honestly, they went way above and beyond troubleshooting with me.

    I would recommend Airmaxx to anyone!

    Thanks again for all of your help!

    thumb Ryan D.

      I chose Airmaxx to replace my inefficient and noisy HVAC system. From the beginning it was clear this company cares about it's customers and is incredibly responsive. Alex met with me and provided me with a couple of solutions for my home - both of which were thousands of dollars less than the same brand and size systems from competitors. The installation crew was excellent! They were very knowledgeable and efficient and they completed the removal and installation in less than 5 hours. When they were done, everything was neat and tidy - just like when they started. Today I had the HERS inspection for the system and when I asked the inspector if there were any issues he told me everything was great, and commented that Airmaxx installations are always great!

    If you are looking to install a new HVAC system, give Airmaxx a call - you won't be disappointed!

    thumb Randi P.
  •   Earlier this week, I submitted a 4-Star YELP rating/review on Airmaxx's replacement/installment of my home's (2600 sq ft single family, single level) outdoor air conditioner/condenser and in-attic heating units. I did, however, highlight and extol the team's work ethic and professionalism. I stand by this review primarily because I never did receive a receipt when I paid (in full) on-the-job site nor did I ever receive any written warranties. HOWEVER, I am amending my comments and upgrading my "star" rating to a 5-star based on my, after the fact, conversation with Airmaxx owner, Alex Glozman. Very impressed with his diving right into my concerns. He promised to make things right by ensuring I receive the appropriate and proper accompanying documents. Based on the performance of his installation team and by his pro-active "let's get 'er right" in terms of documents, I would HIGHLY recommend Airmaxx if/when any homeowner is in need of a similar service! Mea Culpa: I did, in fact, receive the appropriate manuals from his work team! And I did receive a photo copy of my payment in full. GO AIRMAXX!!

    thumb Patrick O.

      I had my AC installed a few years ago by AirMaxx and it was one of the best investments I made for my home. Alex and his crew are the best.

    Today, Gilbert C. came by to conduct routine maintenance on my system and to check a few other items I wanted to address. Gilbert arrived at the designated time and was extremely professional, courteous and thorough. I would not hesitate to call AirMaxx in the future and you can bet I'll be asking for Gilbert C.

    thumb Joe C.

      Asked them to come out to fix my dads AC/furnace they were out immediately and fixed it within a couple hours. Great communication, service and cost!! I'm really impressed and highly recommend.

    thumb Vanessa P.
  •   I took advantage of a seasonal special to get my air conditioning unit checked and tuned up and it reminded me of how happy I have been with the Carrier unit that AirMaxx installed for us several years ago. Not only is the five year old unit extremely quiet but it seems to be very efficient. Although we do not run the air conditioner a lot, our solar panels seem to generate enough power so that even when we do run the air conditioner, our electric bill is still nothing. Great quiet unit with little to no electric bill equals value to me.

    thumb Allen C.

      Requested a tuneup.
    Gilbert was prompt, efficient, took the time to explain the work he did and ways to prevent the unit from over working.

    thumb Lourdes E.

      Ryan from Airmaxx just left after a 2 part repair on my furnace. I called the company that put it in and they came out , charged me $89. to tell me I needed a new circuit board $2,300 and probably a new gas igniter for another $1500. and once those were installed it looked like the Blower was rusty and probably would be the next part to go. He said I would be better off with a new heater. My ten year warranty had just expired in February of this year. I called Airmaxx and they sent Ryan out that afternoon. He confirmed the circuit board needed to be replaced and tried to see if a universal board would fit because they are less expensive. It did not and he went to Lenoxx to pick up a circuit board and said we would not be able to tell if the igniter was out until we got the circuit board. He came back today and put in the igniter because it had blown when the circuit went. The total for both repairs was $700.00. big shocking difference. Heater is working great. He also had me get a circuit breaker surge protector because the furnace was plugged into a regular outlet without one. He put that on for me because my heater is in rafters of garage. Ryan explained why I needed both parts and his explanations were clear and made sense. This is an ethical company. I have been repairing my house as a single woman for over 30 years and Ryan and AirMaxx are top quality.

    thumb Elaine M.
  •   With 2 emails I had an appointment set up for an HVAC tune-up for the same week. The tech, Jeff, was friendly and knowledgeable. He didn't lay on the sales or scare tactics that another big company did last year. He replaced the starter along with the tune-up. Will def use again.

    thumb Jason R.

      Gilbert came to service our AC. We requested him because he had come to fix our heater in the fall. And was honest and told us nothing was wrong with it:) He is professional, knowledgeable and informative. Gave us great maintenance tips. We will use Airmaxx and Gilbert again.

    thumb Heidi P.

      I found Airmaxx Heating and AC on this Yelp site. I wanted an expert opinion and evaluation on extending present heating ducts to an add-on room built on my mobile home. I made the request online and the response came via email and I received a call 5 minutes later to set up a free evaluation/estimate on the job. The appoint was the very next day. The technician, Gilbert Cortez, was prompt, professional, clean and personable. He listened, did a through physical inspection inside and outside my property. He then gave several options, varying cost, that would handle my situation. He answered all my question in and out of my budget. I commend Airmaxx on having Gilbert as their representative. Even though, I have not decided on a course of action on my situation, I would definitely use this company on their customer service and expertise alone.

    thumb Marcus R.
  •   Everyone we worked with at Airmaxx was professional, courteous, and efficient. The first consultation with Alex was great-he explained what our home needed but did not push us to purchase anything from them. We decided to go with them and they completed the job in a day and a half. New furnace and heat pump. The next week after installation, they came back about an hour after we called as one of the rooms was colder than the others. They adjusted it and told us to call anytime to do any more adjusting. Absolutely great company. The inspector came to review the work and said Airmaxx's work is some of the best work he sees.

    thumb Diana P.

      Our furnace died, with a very specific error code in the little panel. It was a Thursday. We called around, and made a Monday appointment with the vendor we got the system from. My wife reached out to Alex at Airmaxx, and he pointed out that they are an authorized Carrier shop, and that nobody else would have the part we need, and it would just be a wasted service call. He was able to get the part and have it installed on Tuesday, just like that. Airmaxx was a lifesaver for our drafty home.

    thumb Michael B.

      I highly recommend this company for AC installations. The entire process was incredibly efficient and seamless. From the initial quote visit to the installation itself, every step was meticulously organized, and the team members conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism. When another company audited the work for a permit, they consistently praised the high standard of workmanship from this company, never finding any faults. It's truly refreshing to encounter a company that prioritizes speed, professionalism, honesty, and consistently delivers exceptional results. Such dedication to quality workmanship is increasingly rare in today's business landscape.

    thumb Julie Z.
  •   Airmaxx installed a brand new HVAC system in our home today. We worked with Ryan to get an estimate and to get the system scheduled. He was very professional and knowledgeable. When it was time for installation, Ryan oversaw the project and we had the privilege of working with Jesus and his team. It was a swift process and we appreciate the professionalism and honest integrity the workers showed while here. Overall, this was a great experience and would highly recommend the company's services to others. Thank you! :)

    thumb Bianca B.

      I called this morning at around 8 and literally had a response within 2 minutes. Gilbert the technician, showed up about 45 minutes later and solved the problem. He showed me exactly what the problem was and the things that I could do to solve it. He also gave me tips on preventive maintenance. At no time did he try to upsell me. It's definitely my go-to for hvac problems from here on out. Thanks Gibert, I took care of it already.

    thumb Andrew P.

      Airmaxx service was fantastic!
    They gave me the best price (I had 5 quotes), answered all my questions and concerns.
    One day full system installation was very professional and incredibly efficient. Everyone was polite, kind and knowledgeable.
    Thank you for your amazing job

    Highly recommend this company!

    thumb Lyubasha H.
  •   I went with Airmaxx because of all the positive reviews. Customer service was indeed very good which says a lot today especially among contractors. Also, there was no service charge to come and give an estimate. Not only did the friendly and informed technician diagnose my furnace problem (a bad Inducer) he also took a look at my malfunctioning blue light purification device and told me I need another. So...all is good until I got the estimate.

    $1,350.00 and an extra $50.00 if I wanted the inducer shipped 2-day! What?
    You can purchase the inducer online for $220.00! Also, it's 3 screws to take the old one out and put the new one in which likely would have taken the technician 10 minutes. I think $1,150.00 installation charge is excessive and exploitive. I am back to the drawing board to find a new HVAC company I can fully trust for my home and rental properties. Thus the 3 stars.

    The owner of Airmaxx contacted me within 1 hour after the above post. He said the above was not right and wanted to look into it. Got back to me and told me the quote was a mistake...that it should have been $450.00ish not $1,350.00. Although I was impressed by his quick response it seemed a bit self-serving.
    So he calls me back yet again, somehow still aware that I have 2 HVACS. He offers to ship me without cost another inducer just in case my 2nd HVAC goes down! Talk about making things right! Now I am impressed and Airmaxx is back on as my go to company. WOW and Thank-you.

    thumb Thomas H.

      I am shook by the responsiveness and honesty of this company. I called them for a second opinion and they came out THAT SAME DAY. Our technician, Sam, was so informative, so thorough, showed us the parts of the furnace and described in detail how a furnace works and what signs to look for when thinking about replacing a furnace.

    We had a company come out the day before and they told us we needed to replace our furnace immediately or else we could get CO poisoning. Sam was extremely honest. He checked all the systems to make sure we are safe and that the furnace doesn't need to be replaced immediately. If and when we do need to replace our furnace, I know exactly who to call.

    Sam, I cannot thank you enough for your honesty!

    thumb Nadia R.
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