5 Causes Of Frozen AC Units in San Diego CA

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AC units are a necessity, especially when a heatwave hits San Diego. Therefore, it can be frustrating and concerning when the ac malfunctions. If you have noticed that your AC unit is frozen; it would be wise of you to contact Airmaxx, the best air conditioning company in San Diego, to prevent further damage. 

Potential Causes of Frozen AC Unit

The following are common causes of frozen AC units:

Outdoor Temperatures

The central heating system needs warm ambient temperatures to convey heat outside the household. When outdoor temperatures fall below 62 degrees Fahrenheit, the heating system won’t work correctly; thus, ice will form on the coils. Therefore, it is wise to program your AC thermostat to shut off the air conditioning at night during hot months. 

Leaking Coolant

Low coolant levels are often caused by leaks in the refrigerant line or coils. The leaks limit the AC’s ability to cool households and put extra wear and tear on it. The leak will be identified and fixed with our AC repair professional, and a suitable amount of coolant will be added. 

Airflow Issues

AC units require constant airflow to function correctly. The following reasons may cause airflow issues:

  •  Leak in the air duct
  •  Clogged dampers or gates
  •  Obstructed supply registers by objects
  •  Filters haven’t been substituted or clean for over three months
  •  Blocked air ducts-dust or debris

Faulty Blower Fan

Blower fans push warm air into the coils and air ducts, then circulate the cool air all over the home. If the fan breaks down, the process of conveying heat is halted, and ice begins to amass on the coils.

Accumulation Of Dirt on Evaporator Coil

A lot of dust and debris can collect in the central heating and cooling system that gets caught in the ductwork or air filter. However, it can amass on evaporator coils with time. The dirt between the coils makes it difficult for the refrigerant to take in heat resulting in limited heat transfer due to frozen condensate on the coils.

Trust Airmaxx for Repairing your AC Unit

Sometimes, it can get quite hot in San Diego, and even the best AC units can occasionally break down. We recommend you get in touch with one of our certified HVAC contractors who will guarantee the best services for your AC repair needs. Contact us today if you have any questions regarding our AC repair services.

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