7 Facts Everyone Should Know About HVAC Air Filters

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When it comes to your HVAC system in your home, there is some basic information you want to know. Having this information helps to ensure that you are able to properly maintain your system and that you are getting the most out of it. The filters that are part of your system play an integral role in its efficiency and the overall health of your home. In addition to these seven facts, you also want to consult a professional air conditioning replacement company approximately twice a year to have your system inspected.

Air Filter Purpose

Your air filter works to prevent dirt and dust from causing harm to your HVAC system. It also works to ensure that your home has clean air and that impurities are reduced as much as possible in the air of your home.

Dirty Filters Can Result in Damage

If your air filter is not in good condition, or you wait for a very long period of time to change it, you might find that your HVAC system sustains damage. It is important that you change your air filters according to the owner’s manual to ensure that there is no airflow restriction or additional strain on your system.

Bigger Ratings Are Not Always Better

Just because there is an air filter with a better rating than the one recommended by your owner’s manual, this does not mean that the bigger one is the better option. In fact, if you use a filter with too high a rating for your system, you are risking a restriction in airflow.

Get the Right Size

If you have ever looked at air filters, you have surely seen that there is a large array of size options to choose from. Make sure to consult your owner’s manual to make sure that you are choosing the right filter size for your unit.

 MERV Rating

This is a type of industry air filter standard and MERV translates to Minimum Efficiency Rating Value. This tells you how effective a specific filter is when it comes to collecting and trapping dirt and impurities.

Every Three Months

This is the schedule that you want to use to change your air filter. Changing it once every season helps to ensure that your filter is always clean enough to continue to properly filter the air.

Disposable for a Reason

HVAC air filters cannot just be wiped off or vacuumed and put back into your system. There is a reason they are disposable. Also, if you try to just wash it off, you will damage it and it will be even less effective at filtering the air.

As you can see, the air filters that are part of your HVAC system are pretty important. For more information, talk to your air conditioning replacement company.

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