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Carrier is fueling the fires of the smart technology revolution in the HVAC field with a brand new entry: the Cor Wi-Fi thermostat.

If you’re still programming your HVAC system the old-fashioned way, the Cor could show you what you’ve been missing. Savings of up to 20 percent on home energy costs are possible for those who purchase and install the Cor, which makes this smart thermostat one of the best energy-efficient investments you could ever hope to find.

Want to know what living with the Cor could do for you? Read on to find out …

Cor Wi-Fi Thermostat Features

In appearance the Cor is a simple device. With its ultra-slim design and polished black surface the Cor can be mounted on any wall and will blend in unobtrusively with its surroundings.

But when the Cor is activated it blossoms into something special. From that point on you’ll have a fully functional, Internet-ready programmable thermostat that offers a wealth of convenient options and detailed information that will help you make smart, sensible energy-consumption choices.

As a state-of-the-art smart technology thermostat, the Cor features:

  • Reliable home Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Full programming and monitoring capability through the downloadable Cor app and the Cor online web portal.
  • Complete remote accessibility through Apple or Android smartphones and tablets, as well as through your laptop or PC.
  • A color-touch screen with motion sensor and on-screen prompts that make programming the Cor a breeze.
  • A basic display face that includes the time, date, indoor temperature, indoor relative humidity and outdoor temperature plus climate.
  • Local four-day weather forecasts on demand.
  • Seven-day guided programming with day-by-day, moment-by-moment display.
  • Vacation mode settings for energy conservation while you are away.
  • Monthly energy-use reports that let you track your energy consumption by time and date.
  • Customized energy-saving tips based on your personal habits and patterns of behavior.
  • Total compatibility with Hybrid Heat System and Ideal Humidity System technologies.

The magic of this smart thermostat is its programming versatility along with its breadth and depth of function. Precise customization of heating, cooling and air quality management is what defines the Cor Wi-Fi thermostat, and its ability to save you money by guiding you toward wiser practices makes it an intelligent investment in any circumstance.

For More Information about the Cor Wi-Fi Thermostat Contact Airmaxx Today

The Cor Wi-Fi thermostat is a retailer-installed product, which means you won’t have to worry about trying to put it in yourself.

Airmaxx Heating and Air Conditioning is honored to be an authorized dealer of Carrier products, so if you are interested in the Cor consider us your go-to source in the San Diego area. Please contact us to find out more, and if you decide to purchase the Cor we will handle the installation and walk you through the set-up and programming procedures so you can start cutting your energy costs immediately.

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