Upgrades to Consider if You Want to Sell Your Home Faster

When you are trying to sell your home, you want to make sure that people see it in the best light possible. When it comes to heating and air conditioning, a solid system that is efficient and in excellent condition is a good selling point. However, there are some other things that you want to know about too so that your home is not sitting on the market.

Make Sure You Have Central Air

If you have been using window units to keep your home comfortable in the summer, it is time to ditch them and have a central air conditioning unit installed. This ensures that your entire home is a constant temperature and each room will be the same temperature. It is a lot easier to control the temperature with this type of system, and they are almost always more efficient than window units. This ensures that not only will every room be comfortable, but the new owners will save money and reduce their energy usage too.

Consider Recessed Lighting

Now, you do not have to put this in every room of your home if you are working on a budget. However, installing this lighting in the bathrooms, kitchen and living room is a good idea. This type of lighting is often adjustable, so people are able to make it as bright as they need it to be. It also has a more modern look which will easily work with a variety of decorating schemes.

Make Sure the Bathrooms Have a Shower and a Tub

Some people prefer to take a bath while others would rather take a quick shower. When the bathrooms in your home offer the option of either, this is something that buyers will notice. If you only have bathtubs at the moment, it is not too difficult to install shower heads and rods for a shower curtain. Installing bathtubs where there are none is a little more complex, but still not a major undertaking and the payoff can be great.

Build a Deck or Patio

Outdoor living space is critical when you are trying to sell a home in today’s market. Now, the deck or patio does not have to be big or fancy. In fact, it is better if it is in proportion with the size of your backyard because it will look more natural and fit in more easily.

You can see that whether you improve upon your heating and air conditioning or you install a deck, all of this will make your home more appealing. Consider these upgrades so that your home does not spend months or longer sitting on the market.


How to Find an HVAC Specialist for Emergency Repairs

If you notice that your HVAC system is experiencing problems, you do not want to delay getting it fixed. This could mean needing to contact an expert in heating and air conditioning at odd hours. There are some ways to quickly find someone so that you can quickly have the repairs tackled.

Talk to a Neighbor

If your neighbor has had HVAC work done, they probably have a recommendation about a company that could help. You can also ask specifically about companies that will do work on an emergency basis. Remember that word of mouth is often one of the most effective marketing tools, so if you get a good recommendation from one of your neighbors, you can be confident that what they say is true and that the company indeed does good work.

Check Out Local Forums Online

You might be able to find forums for your area, depending on where you live. On these forums, companies might advertise their services so you might be able to find an HVAC professional here that works off hours to come and make the necessary repairs. Even if you cannot find one that works on an emergency basis, you can quickly contact the ones that are listed and ask them for some recommendations for an emergency company.

Check Out Facebook

Facebook allows you to search and you can make your search local. Most businesses today will have a page on Facebook that provides their basic information, such as their contact information, hours of operation and the various services that they offer. You can specify your search for “emergency HVAC services” and if someone in your area has this listed on their page, they should pop up in the results.

Go to Google

Many people forget that a basic Google search could be all you need to find this information. You just search for “emergency HVAC services” in your specific area and you will get a variety of search results. This is a great option because not only will you find the companies that offer this type of service, but you will also be able to find some reviews on them. This gives you the chance to quickly see which companies are the best ones to work with, allowing you to narrow down your choices.

You can see that heating and air conditioning problems will not always happen during normal operating hours. When this happens, it is time to employ the help of a professional on an emergency basis. You can use the information presented here to take care of this and find someone who is reputable and able to get the job done.


Get Your Home Prepared for Holiday Guests

When the holidays come around, you want to make sure that all of your guests are comfortable, especially the ones that are staying in your home for a few days. To ensure a comfortable home, you want to make sure that everything is clean and tidy. In addition to the obvious cleaning tasks, you also want to ensure that things like heating and air conditioning vents and your fireplace are clean and ready.


HVAC Vents and Ducts


You do not want debris and impurities circulating throughout your home when you have guests. This is especially true if any of them have breathing difficulties or allergies. You can easily clean the vents throughout your home by yourself by simply removing them, clean and dry them and then put them back on. Duct cleaning is generally best left to the professionals.


Clean Up the Clutter


Take a walk around your home and start grabbing all of the clutter. Since you likely do not have a lot of time before your guests arrive, you can take a box with you and simply put all of the clutter into a universal box or two. Then, put these boxes away in the back of a closet or in your attic. Once your guests leave, you can pull them back out and place your items back where they were.


Prepare Guest Spaces


Your guests will want to sleep comfortably when they are staying with you, so this means that you want to ensure that their sleeping area is as comfortable as possible. Make sure that they have enough pillows and blankets, and have your linen closet fully stocked for when they are ready to bathe and shower.


Get Your Fireplace Ready


If you have a fireplace, few things are more festive than gathering around a fire to spend quality time together. Just make sure that the fireplace is clean and that you have plenty of wood to keep it roaring.


Go Grocery Shopping


Remember that once your guests arrive, you are going to have some additional mouths to feed and you want to be ready. There are few things worse than having a bare pantry and refrigerator when you have people staying with you. Since it is the holidays and a large meal is usually part of the deal, when you go grocery shopping focus on things like snacks, beverages and foods that can prepared quickly.


As you can see, before your guests arrive, you want to make sure that your home is clean and orderly. Clean things like your heating and air conditioning vents and make sure that all guest spaces are prepared for those who will be living in them for at least a few days.

Make Your Home Healthier for Immunocompromised People

If someone in your home is immunocompromised due to conditions like severe allergies, cancer or an autoimmune disease, you know that your home must be as clean and sterile as possible. There are many things you must clean regularly that you might not have to in a home where everyone has a healthy immune system. In addition to cleaning, there are things you can do when it comes to things like cleaning products and your heating and air conditioning to ensure a healthier home.


Pick a Healthier Vacuum Cleaner


The right vacuum helps to ensure a deeper clean for your upholstery and carpeting. Ideally, you want to use a vacuum that has a built-in HEPA filter so that it is able to collect the majority of allergen particles that have settled into these surfaces.


Check the Cleaning Products You Are Using


You want to make sure that your cleaning products are not doing more harm than good for immunocompromised people in your home. It is best to choose cleaning products that are effective, while also being gentle and free from harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals can serve as an irritant to the skin and respiratory tract.


Consider Annual HVAC Cleaning


When you clean your home, you attend to the surfaces, furniture and other physical components, but do you think about the air in your home? Your HVAC system duct work plays a major role in forcing allergens into the air of your home if it is not cleaned properly and regularly. It is ideal to have a professional HVAC inspection and cleaning about once a year to ensure optimal cleanliness.


Think About Air Purification


Air purification with a high-quality filter, such as a HEPA filter, helps to ensure that the air in your home is as clean and pure as possible. This type of filter works to nearly eradicate a variety of allergens that can accumulate in your home and circulate in the air. Cleaner air means it is easier to breathe and that your home in general is healthier.


Keep Mold Under Control


Mold can cause a number of health issues because it is one of the biggest allergens you want to be aware of. Mold is most common in rooms where moisture can accumulate, such as your kitchen and bathroom. Basements can also be a place where mold flourishes. It is important to have mold removed as soon as you notice it since it can multiply quickly. Ways to reduce and control mold include immediately fixing leaky pipes and repairing cracks, and keeping your home humidity level below 50 percent.


As you can see, keeping your home as healthy and clean as possible is not difficult. It does take a little extra work and maybe a few modifications, however. Simple tasks like regular heating and air conditioning duct cleaning and switching to a different vacuum can have a major impact.

How to Improve the Efficiency of Your HVAC System

When it comes to heating and air conditioning, you want to make sure that everything is functioning efficiently. This means that you are spending less money and that your home is comfortable. An efficient system is also less prone to problems, so you will have less worry when it comes to things like having to make costly repairs.


Keep Your Temperatures Lower or Higher


Depending on the season, a lower or higher temperature can help to keep your home cool. In the winter, keeping your home at approximately 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit will cause your system to not have to work as hard, allowing it to expend less energy. When the weather is hot, 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit is a good temperature range.


Change the Temperature When You Are Not Home


When you are not home, there is no need to waste your heating and air conditioning. This means turning it up or down when you are not home to enjoy it. However, if you have pets at home, it is important that you consider their comfort when you are not home, so keep this in mind when making the necessary temperature adjustments.


Ensure Adequate Insulation


When your home is insulated well, more heat and cold air stay in your home, so your system does not have to work as hard to stay cool or warm, depending on the season. You can have a professional come out and check the insulation of your home once a year to ensure that it is adequate. It is also a good idea to make sure that your windows and doors are sealed properly so that they are not allowing heat and air to escape.


Consider a More Efficient Thermostat


There are thermostats that are more efficient, helping to reduce the energy consumption of your system. These can be installed quickly by a professional and you can choose from a multitude of functions.


Get an Annual Inspection


Getting your system checked at least once a year will help to ensure that all of the pieces and parts are functioning as they should. This is important because if even one component is not working properly, this can throw off your entire system and make it both less effective and efficient. Make sure that a professional that specializes in HVAC is who comes to do the inspection.


As you can see, it is not that hard to increase the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system. All you have to do is pay closer attention to your system and make some small changes when necessary. You will notice the benefits in the form of reduced energy bills and consumption.