Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Tips

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Commercial Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Tips

An air conditioning unit will function flawlessly for some time without maintenance. However, over the years, no matter how high-quality a purchased unit may be, regular cleaning is essential.

Basic maintenance on a commercial air conditioning unit can prolong the life of a system, and ensure that the air is filtered as efficiently as the first day it was switched on. A commercial air conditioning repair specialist can also help ensure that the system is in top shape.

Avoid Using the Coldest Setting

A common mistake is setting an air conditioner to the lowest setting in order to achieve a low temperature in a building as quickly as possible. This will not cool down a building any quicker, and doing so can put strain on a system. This will likely result in a larger energy bill and more wear on the machine.

Replace Filters Every Three Months

The filters in an air conditioner can quickly clog up with the dirt, bacteria, and pollen that comes through a property’s window. Therefore, it is essential that these filters are replaced on a regular basis – at least every two or three months. The manufacturer will provide relevant information for changing these filters.

Don’t Block the Condensing Unit

Another common error is blocking the air conditioner that draws air into the system. Avoid chairs or other outdoor furniture blocking this duct, as it puts pressure on the system and will ultimately result in a commercial air conditioning repair specialist being required to fix the issue.

Check the Freon Levels

Technically, an air conditioner isn’t consuming Freon, which is why it shouldn’t gradually run out of the substance. A user should call a commercial air conditioning repair specialist if Freon levels are gradually reducing. This could be a problem with older units, wherein a leak has formed and performance has slipped.

A user can check these levels his or herself, though a A/C professional will be able to provide a more thorough check during an annual maintenance visit.

Clean the Vents

The vents which take in and expel air can become clogged up with dirt and dust in the same way that the filters do. It’s important to regularly clean vents, not only because this intake of clogged dirt will damage the unit and the filters, but also because it can spread bacteria throughout the room. By keeping the vents cleaned, a user can ensure that the air which is circulating is as clean as possible. Doing so will ensure a smaller risk of spreading bacteria or sickness throughout a commercial property.

Utilize Professionals Annually

Every year, a specialist should spend some time taking a look at a commercial property’s HVAC unit and deciding whether it is in good shape. These repair specialists can make sure that the unit is working efficiently and to its best performance levels. An HVAC maintenance professional will also ensure that vents and filters are working properly.

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