Commercial HVAC Systems – What You Need To Know

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Commercial HVAC systems differ greatly from their residential counterparts. They are designed to cool places with massive scales and complex requirements. It is not enough to simply produce a cooling effect for the area. Their operation must proceed with utmost efficiency and reliability as any weakness will be magnified due to their size and scope. Power consumption is a particularly sensitive issue as every business strives to reduce their operational expenses. Heating and cooling systems are major contributors to the utility bills. Here’s what you need to know to lower consumption:

  • Demand Sensors

The number of occupants inside a building changes throughout the day. It doesn’t make sense to keep the temperature at a single setting despite the rise or reduction of demand. A more logical approach would be to modify the settings based on the actual real-time requirements. This can be implemented through the installation of CO2 sensors. People breathe out CO2 so the higher its level in the air, the more occupants there are in the room. HVAC systems can draw on this information to vary the settings accordingly.

  • Multiple Zones

Instead of treating a building as one large whole, the HVAC system can be designed to service multiple distinct zones. This will allow it to tailor its output to the load requirements of each zone. No area will feel too hot or too cold. It is a wise strategy given the inherent differences of various parts of a structure. The kitchen, for instance, will produce more heat and hence need more cooling for occupants to stay comfortable.

  • Programmable Thermostats

These are relatively inexpensive devices with an excellent return on investment. Programmable thermostats let people automate the settings for the HVAC system throughout the day. The air conditioner can be turned on a few minutes before workers are expected to arrive and turned off when it is time for them to leave. Not a single watt is wasted due to forgetful staff. The savings they bring can be immense. There’s no need to worry if changes in the schedule require an extension of working hours as the thermostats have a manual override.

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