Common Commercial Heating Issues

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Addressing the Most Common Commercial Heating Issues

Commercial heating systems take on much more of a burden than a household unit. Often, they are heating and cooling large square footage and – depending on the nature of the building – the unit may be always running.

Having a comfortable space for employees as well as clients is critical for any business. Unfortunately, multiple issues may arise, which is why it is important that companies have a professional commercial heating repair service ready to help. Not all HVAC services offer repairs on industrial units, so it’s important that a business owner looks for a service with extensive experience in commercial units.

The Most Common Reasons Businesses Need Commercial Heating Repair

  1. Fan Failures

Often employees will notice that the space is cool or there is no air coming from the vents. An HVAC system cannot heat a building without a blower fan. In a commercial HVAC system, this fan is quite large and consists of fan blades, a motor, a large belt, and wiring.

Sometimes the wires may fray from wear and tear, which creates an electrical flow issue. This results in intermittent loss at first, and eventually, the system shuts down entirely.

Also, with extensive use, a fan’s belt can wear down and break. Lastly, the fan’s motor may give out from the widespread use or overwork due to a dirty system.

Anytime a business owner notices reduced air flow, they should contact their repair company for a service call. Catching the problem early is often less expensive to correct than when the system ultimately fails.

  1. Ductwork Issues

Ductwork in a commercial heating system is critical. When ductwork is clogged, warm air is not delivered to the building.

Most ductwork is extremely durable, and it can last a building’s lifetime without replacement. However, it does suffer wear and tear and requires routine cleaning to remain efficient. Any cracks or holes in the ductwork left unrepaired can result in severe heat loss.

To repair commercial ductwork, a company must have skill and expertise, because a commercial ductwork system is involved.

  1. Electrical Issues

The other common need for commercial heating repair is electrical problems. A commercial system requires an incredible amount of electricity to operate. In fact, an HVAC system will be one of the business’s largest energy consumers.

In a commercial system, several areas may develop electrical issues. A common problem is in the system’s capacitator. A commercial system has two types of capacitors: the starter and the running capacitator. Each works individually to help the system’s motor turn on and continue to run. If just one capacitator malfunctions, the entire system stops operating. Also, a capacitator failure can lead to a system-wide failure.

Diagnosing commercial heating problems is extensive, and it requires a professional that understands commercial systems.

There are dozens of components working in tandem to deliver heated air, and all it takes is one component’s malfunction to stop the whole system.


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