Disadvantages Of Using Solar Panels

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There are many reasons why a lot of people are now switching to using solar energy in their homes or factories. Whilst the source of solar energy, the sun, is inexhaustible and it does not cause a lot of pollution, one should also consider the many disadvantages that come with using solar energy. Below are some of the reasons why some people prefer not to use solar energy.
Disadvantages of using solar energy

High Installation Costs:

If you decide to switch to solar energy, you need to take into account the high installation costs involved. You will need to buy a solar panel and solar panels come in different sizes. If the installation costs are for a big manufacturing plant, they can be really expensive and it can take you quite a number of years before you break even with the money that you initially started off with.

Solar Energy can be Unreliable

Imagine those days when there is no sun and the batteries have not stored enough energy, this can cost your business a lot of money. You therefore need to plan ahead if you are using solar energy whether you are a business owner or a homeowner. You therefore need to buy high energy batteries and quality solar panels to avoid disappointments.

Location and Area

Solar energy is absorbed more in a larger space than smaller spaces like flats. The location or the weather that you stay will also affect the amount of solar energy that you receive. Solar energy can not be used in areas that are always rainy or in weather conditions that have got short durations of sunshine.

Pollution and an Environmental Hazard

Solar panels can be affected by pollution thus affecting their efficiency; this is especially prevalent in older models of solar panels. You may also want to know that some materials and components making up solar systems can be harmful and toxic. These can be hazardous to marine life and even death.

Less Efficient

One of the main disadvantages of using solar energy is that it is inefficient; experts say it is about 40% efficient which about 60% is wasted. So when you buy a solar panel you need to buy the ones that retain more energy.

For some households solar energy can be a cheaper option that is if they do not use a lot of energy. In the manufacturing sector, it becomes a very expensive option from the initial installation costs and the unreliability that comes with using this source of energy. One good thing about solar energy however is the fact that the source will always be there. With the current technological developments that the world is experiencing, who knows maybe the whole world will be using solar energy some day.

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