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Several issues might crop up in your home when the furnace stops working, especially during cold winter months. Besides the discomfort of feeling extremely cold inside your home, your pipes might freeze and burst.

Fortunately, Airmaxx Heating & Air Conditioning provides reliable furnace service throughout the year. We understand furnace emergencies don’t often occur at convenient hours. So, we offer professional furnace service assistance to ensure your system works efficiently all through winter. Our team of skilled furnace service technicians at Airmaxx is on standby to help with furnace maintenance in San Diego.

Common Causes Of Furnace Malfunctions

Furnaces typically rely on motors, fans, sensors, igniters, controls, gas valves, flame rectification systems, and bearings to operate smoothly. If any of these parts develops a problem, the whole system can break down. For example, if your furnace keeps shutting off prematurely, it could be a sign that the flame sensor is defective or failing to turn on the gas valve. 

 Dirt and debris could also build up and block the flue pipe, causing hot gases to eventually overheat the furnace. This triggers the safety mechanism to shut down the whole system. The flue pipe or exhaust vent can also cause your furnace to short-cycle. That is why it’s important to schedule regular professional furnace service.

Signs You Need Furnace Service

A furnace is a complex home appliance with several parts working in unison. Even if a single component malfunction, the entire system could shut down. Contact us ASAP whenever you encounter any of the following issues with your furnace:

  • Faulty thermostat
  • The pilot light does not ignite, or the discolored pilot light
  • The furnace has trouble starting
  • Abnormal sounds from the furnace
  • An odd smell coming from the furnace
  • Burners don’t stay lit
  • Poor air quality in your home
  • Cold or lukewarm air temperatures
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • The blower lacks airflow or fails to turn off
  • An inexplicable rise in energy bills

We highly recommend scheduling a furnace service at least twice a year and an air filter replacement once every three months. But if you have pets or allergies, it’s best to change air filters every two months. Clogged or dirty air filters are harmful to your health and the furnace. A filter caked in dirt can also prohibit airflow, leading to overheating of the heat exchanger.

What Furnace Service Involves

 Proper furnace service can prolong the unit’s life span, minimize the chances of breakdown, and save you money on utility bills. At Airmaxx Heating & Air Conditioning, our furnace service team ensures your furnace is safely exhausting gases outside, the temperature controls are correctly calibrated, your venting system (chimneys and pipes) hasn’t deteriorated, and your heat exchanger does not leak. We also keep your furnace clean since 9 out of 10 furnace failures are caused by dirt and dust.

 With a proactive furnace service, we can ensure you and your household breathes clean air and minimizes the chances of your system breaking down in the middle of winter. Here is what our furnace service protocol involves:

  •  Inspecting the furnace’s condition and wiring
  • Checking fuel levels
  • Cleaning or lubricating dirty parts
  • Calibrating fuel line pressure
  • Testing the pilot light
  • Adjusting the thermostat to ensure optimum comfort and efficiency
  • Cleaning the pilot light and fuel line
  • Identifying potential mechanical problems
  • Addressing any minor defects before they escalate into expensive emergencies

Contact Our San Diego Furnace Service Experts 

Airmaxx Heating & Air Conditioning is San Diego’s top-rated Furnace Service Company. We recognize that your time is valuable, so we promise to be always on time whenever you call us for furnace service. Upon arrival, our skilled furnace service technicians proceed with professionalism, integrity, and respect for your privacy and safety. 

We always adhere to local laws and regulations to ensure you’re fully protected from any trouble. Our furnace service team also strives for excellence and goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable, warm, and cared for. We provide full-scale furnace service and installation so you can spend every winter in toasty, warm comfort. 

Contact us today to schedule your furnace service consultation!

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