Get Your Home Prepared for Holiday Guests

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When the holidays come around, you want to make sure that all of your guests are comfortable, especially the ones that are staying in your home for a few days. To ensure a comfortable home, you want to make sure that everything is clean and tidy. In addition to the obvious cleaning tasks, you also want to ensure that things like heating and air conditioning vents and your fireplace are clean and ready.

HVAC Vents and Ducts

You do not want debris and impurities circulating throughout your home when you have guests. This is especially true if any of them have breathing difficulties or allergies. You can easily clean the vents throughout your home by yourself by simply removing them, clean and dry them and then put them back on. Duct cleaning is generally best left to the professionals.

Clean Up the Clutter

Take a walk around your home and start grabbing all of the clutter. Since you likely do not have a lot of time before your guests arrive, you can take a box with you and simply put all of the clutter into a universal box or two. Then, put these boxes away in the back of a closet or in your attic. Once your guests leave, you can pull them back out and place your items back where they were.

Prepare Guest Spaces

Your guests will want to sleep comfortably when they are staying with you, so this means that you want to ensure that their sleeping area is as comfortable as possible. Make sure that they have enough pillows and blankets, and have your linen closet fully stocked for when they are ready to bathe and shower.

Get Your Fireplace Ready

If you have a fireplace, few things are more festive than gathering around a fire to spend quality time together. Just make sure that the fireplace is clean and that you have plenty of wood to keep it roaring.

Go Grocery Shopping

Remember that once your guests arrive, you are going to have some additional mouths to feed and you want to be ready. There are few things worse than having a bare pantry and refrigerator when you have people staying with you. Since it is the holidays and a large meal is usually part of the deal, when you go grocery shopping focus on things like snacks, beverages and foods that can prepared quickly.

As you can see, before your guests arrive, you want to make sure that your home is clean and orderly. Clean things like your heating and air conditioning vents and make sure that all guest spaces are prepared for those who will be living in them for at least a few days.

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