How To Find An Authorized Dealer For Your Carrier Products?

Carrier Unit

You want to buy an expensive HVAC system and you have done your research. You’ve also researched brands and you are convinced about the quality of Carrier goods. In fact, you know that Carrier offers quality goods at an affordable rate. To ensure that customers get the best, Carrier also trains dealership personnel to offer the best training, sales, customer service, maintenance, and repair facilities. As a result, if you buy from a Carrier factory authorized dealer, you know that you are getting value for money.

You have still got to be convinced though. There are so many dealerships and retailers offering different HVAC products. In fact, you do have a few extra questions that you would like to clarify and they are:

Question #1 – What If The Local Dealer Is Offering a Better Rate?

Yes, local dealers do offer discounts on goods. However, you should know that local dealers buy in bulk. As a result, these goods might have been sitting in their warehouses for several years. As a result, the dealer has got a bulk discount on the goods and he is transferring this discount to you. But you still lose as you are getting older models that have already been affected by dust and grime. Furthermore, these mechanical items may contain outdated spare parts that will not be able to find in the future.

Question #2 – What about the Warranty?

Both retailers and dealers offer warranties. However, when you buy your products from a dealer, you get a faster response time on your complaints. This is because a dealership has a service section that deals only with Carrier products. HVAC Technicians are trained by Carrier and they are familiar with all Carrier products and models. A retailer, on the other hand, will forward your complaint to the dealership and this will mean that it will take 12-48 hours for someone to get in touch with you. Some retailers may send in their own technicians who may not know Carrier products. And of course, you do know that messing around inside a Carrier product during the warranty period (without adequate training) may result in your warranty being null and void.

As you can see, it does make sense to use the services of a dealership to. In case you are finding it difficult to do so, you can always write in to us and we will help pick your Carrier prodcut. You can also leave a comment here and we will follow up with you.

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