HVAC Maintenance

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What Does Full HVAC Maintenance Include?

Every year, a commercial operation should ensure that their HVAC system is checked thoroughly by a trained HVAC professional. Residential HVAC owners can also benefit from this kind of professional check. This HVAC maintenance is thorough, checking all elements of the system to ensure that it is safe and operating as efficiently as possible.

What does HVAC maintenance include?

  1. Air filter replacements are one of the first things that a HVAC maintenance specialist will check, as these filters dictate the quality of the air that is being circulated throughout a property.2. An assessment of the function of the fan will be made, determining whether the motor and blades on the fan are not damaged and are functioning properly, allowing an HVAC unit to circulate air efficiently.
  2. Lubrication levels will be checked. When properly lubricated, moving parts within an HVAC system will put less of a strain on the unit, resulting in lower energy consumption.4. Operation assessments will also be made to determine whether the unit can turn on, function, and turn off when required.5. The thermostat settings will be examined, ensuring that they correspond with the correct functions of the system.6. An HVAC professional will also inspect the condensate drain, ensuring that it is not clogged and preventing the system from draining any excess water that has been gathered from the air.7. Blower maintenance will be performed to ensure that all of the blower’s components are maintaining proper air flow. During maintenance, the blower’s parts will be cleaned to ensure that the air being circulated is clean, too.8. Heating elements in a heater system will be examined to ensure that they are working safely and do not pose a safety hazard to the users. These elements should be completely clean and without blemishes, and leaks will be identified if they exist.9. Electrical connections will also be checked by a professional, as loose wiring along with heating elements and fabric filters can pose a serious fire risk. This is one of the primary reasons why heating and air conditioning maintenance is so important, particularly in commercial and retail environments where companies are at risk of law suits in the event of a serious accident.10. Coils will also be cleaned. These coils on the condenser and evaporator, once cleaned, will allow the HVAC system to work as efficiently as possible. When cleaned regularly, an HVAC system’s life span increases significantly.

Are Annual HVAC Checkups Necessary?

Technically, annual checkups on an HVAC system are not completely necessary, but most professionals would advise a user to do so. With wires, heating elements and soft filters being in one exposed place, there is a fire risk when lots of dust and fibers get stuck in an air filtration system.

Not only that, but poor performance will result in high energy bills. Commercial operations would be strongly advised to have regular professional checkups, and residential owners would be advised to perform regular maintenance as much as possible.

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