Most Common Air Conditioner Types

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There are different air conditioner types and before you go buy one or the other, it is important that you know the basics about them including their advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most common types of air conditioners include Windows AC, Split AC, Portable AC, Cassette AC, Tower AC, etc. Below is a short description of each of them.

Windows AC are convenient in the sense that they come in a single unit which houses all the refrigerant components. This is why they are called unitary units. The condenser, compressor, cooling coil and evaporator, and expansion valve or coil—all of these are housed in a single box. The window air conditioners can be easily mounted on a window. The advantage with these systems is that they cost less than the other varieties and can be installed very easily. On the downside, they may make a little noise (especially when it gets a few years old) and may not be as energy-efficient as the more expensive varieties.

Split ACs, on the other hand, use a set of two units. The external unit houses the compressor while the internal unit with the evaporator takes in the warm air and processes out the cooler air into the indoor atmosphere. These two units are linked via electric cables and drain pipes. The advantages with these units are that they take less installation space than single units, easily blend with your home décor and make very little noise.

The split systems are also called ductless systems. Other varieties in the split system include Tower ACs and Central Air Conditioning. The latter is a more elaborate system but is designed following the same principle of two split systems. Tower ACs are floor-standing AC units. They again use one external and one internal unit but unlike as in common split systems, the tower ACs do not need any installation. These units come with higher cooling capacities and are typically used for cooling large spaces.

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