What Tech Should Do During an AC Maintenance Visit

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Because the air conditioning system of the home is so important, the best HVAC companies will provide maintenance service options to keep your unit in the best working condition. Maintenance service will ensure that your unit is not suffering from any HVAC repair issues and will keep your unit working with maximum efficiency.

When homeowners have their service conducted on their unit, they can rest assured that the money is well spent. The life of the unit will be extended as well as the performance of the unit will be enhanced. Many companies will provide HVAC maintenance programs and plans to see your unit serviced on a regular basis from once a year to twice a year or more.

There are certain maintenance options that homeowners can do themselves, such as changing out air filters, checking for airflow issues and landscaping, but there are also more steps that need to be completed that only a technician can provide. Below is a simple step by step guide to show home owners the steps a technician to help maintain your air conditioning unit. 

HVAC Inspection Service

The first step of HVAC maintenance service is an inspection of your air conditioning unit. The HVAC technician will inspect every aspect of your unit to ensure that each component is functioning properly. If any problems are beginning, the technician will catch them early and can repair the issue before it becomes a major problem. The condenser, evaporator and voltage are just a few elements of the unit that will be inspected for operation capabilities during an inspection.

HVAC Cleaning Process

The cleaning process is the next step of the maintenance process. Many homeowners underestimate the power of cleaning an air conditioning unit. The unit can collect a great deal of debris and dust, especially when you consider the outdoor portion of the unit. These components need to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that the unit is clean and can function properly. When any of the components become overly dirty; the unit parts can become clogged and cause a breakdown with the unit. Have a technician clean your unit regularly to ensure proper performance.

HVAC Tune-up Time

The next step of HVAC maintenance service is to tune-up the unit. An air conditioning system requires a HVAC tune-up on a regular basis for proper operation. Parts that move in the unit must be lubricated regularly and other components must be adjusted for operation. With this part of HVAC maintenance service, you can rest assured that your unit is ready to operate normally.

To find out more about how maintenance service can work for you and your air conditioning system, contact your local HVAC provider today. Be sure to work with a company that provides maintenance plans so that you get the best service options for your cooling needs. Taking care of your air conditioning system will ensure that you remain cool all summer long and your unit continues to work every summer for years to come! 

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