When a Homeowner Should Consider a Furnace Replacement

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Is it time to replace your carrier furnace? There are some things to consider so that you can replace it before it completely goes out on you. This will ensure that you have a constant source of heat for your home.

Your System is Very Old

Modern HVAC system last around 10 to 15 years, so if your furnace is older than this, you might consider having someone come and check it out. They will be able to tell you whether you need to consider replacing it. If the furnace is still in good working order, you can wait to make any replacements.

Your Heating Bills Are Increasing

Keep an eye on your heating bills and if you notice that there is a steady increase, it is time to consider that your furnace might be to blame. Remember that your electric and gas bills often fluctuate, so you want to monitor your bills very closely. You will best notice this type of trend when you monitor it over the course of six months or longer, so pull up your old bills to see if a steady increase is happening.

Your Thermostat is Not Working Properly

If you notice that your furnace and your thermostat are not communicating correctly, it might be time to consider a replacement. One way to determine if this is a problem is to assess how the different rooms in your homes feel. If all rooms are set at the same temperature, walk around and see if some rooms feel warmer or cooler than the others. This can indicate that there is a problem with the thermostat.

You Are Calling for Repairs More Frequently

If you find that you are calling the repairman more often than you are used to, it is time to consider replacing your furnace. While the cost of a new furnace will be more costly upfront, it will save you money over time since you will not be spending so much money on keeping your furnace in good working order. If you are calling the furnace repairman often, it is time to start pricing a new furnace and making a plan to have it installed.

Check the Burner Flame Color

The flame on your furnace can provide a lot of information about the health of your equipment. When the flame is blue, this indicates that your furnace is healthy and running strong. Flames that are flickering or yellow can indicate a number of problems, including the production of too much carbon monoxide.

Keep this information in mind if you have a carrier furnace. In addition to routine HVAC maintenance, knowing when it is time to pull the plug and get something new is something all homeowners should be aware of.

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