Why Air Duct Cleaning is Important for Commercial Spaces

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Whether you have a carrier furnace or another type, your duct work should be a priority. You want to have it inspected and cleaned approximately twice a year to ensure that it is in good working order. There are many benefits associated with annual commercial duct cleaning that you should know so that you understand why this yearly task is so important.

Keep Your Office Smelling Great

The last thing you want is clients and employees to come into the office and notice an offensive odor. One source of foul odors is dirty air ducts. This is because a variety of smells and impurities can accumulate in your air ducts and circulate offensive odors throughout the office. The only way to remove these is to have your air ducts professionally cleaned to ensure that everything is properly removed.

Ensure Clients and Employees Can Breathe Easily

If anyone comes into your office and they have issues like breathing conditions or allergies, if your duct work is dirty, this can make them uncomfortable. Allergens and impurities can become trapped in your air ducts. Then, when you use your HVAC system, these are pushed into the atmosphere of your office. For example, if pollen is in your air ducts and is then pushed into the air, those with asthma and allergies may start experiencing symptoms.

Reduce the Growth of Mildew and Mold

Air temperature changes cause the development of condensation. This is a type of moisture and moisture creates a breeding ground for mildew and mold. Condensation is common in air ducts due to changes between cold and hot when you use your HVAC system. The mildew and mold can grow in your duct work and you need a professional to come and clean it away.

Remove Debris from Bugs and Rodents

Even with a spotless building, there is still a chance that bugs and rodents will get into your air ducts. This is especially true during the cold weather because they will go anywhere that they can get some warmth. Few things are warmer than air ducts. Keeping these clean ensure that bugs and rodents are removed, as well as any debris that they leave behind. This includes removing any bugs and rodents that die in your duct work. Dead bugs and rodents in duct work can result in odorous gases being released that are then circulated throughout your office space.

Make sure to schedule your carrier furnace or other system type duct work in advance. You can choose when you have it done, but it is ideal during times of year when you can turn the system off for about one day to have the cleaning done. In most areas, this would be scheduling it at some point during the fall or spring seasons.

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