How to Keep Your Central AC System in Excellent Condition

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San Diego Central Air Conditioning System

A central air conditioning system is a great thing because it works to keep your home at a consistent temperature throughout. This is considerably more efficient compared to window units and other types of air conditioning. However, you need to make sure that your system is in excellent condition and this requires regular HVAC maintenance. There are a number of tasks that you can do on your own to keep everything in good working order.

Take a Look at Your Lines

When your central air conditioning is running, the lines are constantly pumping coolant into the system so that the air delivered into your home is cold. It is important that these lines are in excellent condition and that they are not loose or have any cracks in them. You can easily inspect them on your own by just looking at them. If you notice any issues with their structural integrity, however, you want to have a HVAC professional come out to take care of the replacement.

Make Sure Debris Is Not in the Outside Unit

Most central air conditioning systems have an outdoor unit and you want to make sure that various outdoor debris is not congesting it. If debris get into the fan and motor, this can negatively impact how efficient your system runs. While you do not ever want to stick your hand into the fan, you can easily sweep up around it and remove any debris that might be sticking out.

Make Sure that the Blower is Clean

The blower is what makes sure that your home is getting the right amount of air. When it is dirty or clogged, this could translate into not enough air coming through the vents, so the temperature inside your home could rise. You can visually inspect this part and make sure that it is clean.

Take a Look at Your Coils

The coils are another component that you want to be clean to ensure optimal function. You will find coils for both evaporation and condensation, so these play a major role in the functioning of your system. If you notice that the air coming from your unit is not as cold as it once was, this could mean that the coils are dirty and you want to quickly get them cleaned.

Now you know more about the HVAC maintenance that is necessary to keep your system in excellent condition. You want to get into the habit of checking your central air conditioning system on a regular basis so that if an issue does occur, you will be able to spot it and have a professional come in to take care of the needed ac repairs.

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