Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Annual Residential Air Duct Cleaning

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When it comes to keeping your home as clean and efficient as possible, tasks like regular heating service and air duct cleaning are important. Most people do not think about cleaning their air ducts unless they are having a problem. However, having this done at least once a year is highly beneficial to your total heating and air conditioning system. Knowing the benefits will help you to determine when you want to get your ducts cleaned next.

Reduces Irritants and Allergens

Air ducts are a common place for microorganisms and other harmful contaminants to gather. Common allergens like bacteria, mildew, spores, pet dander, pollen, mold and similar impurities like to collect in your ducts and these are then pushed into the air. When these are circulating, those with allergies are going to experience more significant allergy symptoms.

Your Home Will Be Cleaner

One of the biggest reasons to have annual air duct cleaning is to ensure a cleaner home. When your air ducts are not regularly cleaned, dirt and impurities accumulate in them. When air conditioning or heating is pumping through the duct work, this forces out these impurities and they start circulating throughout your home. This makes your home considerably more dusty.

Your Home Will Smell Better

Things like pet smells, paint fumes, tobacco, cleaning products, mold and foods all cause smells throughout your home. When your HVAC system is running, it causes these smells to circulate throughout your home. Years of accumulation in your duct work mean that every time you turn on your HVAC system, these odors are pushed into your home.

Occupants Can Breathe Easier

Even if people do not have allergies, other breathing problems might be worsened by dirty air ducts. Even those with healthy lungs might find that excess dust and impurities aggravate their respiratory tract. So, when you have your duct work cleaned regularly, this works to ensure that everyone is more comfortable in your home. It might also help to reduce the risk of spontaneous sneezing and coughing.

Better Air Flow Efficiency

When your air ducts are clean, the air from your air conditioning unit or furnace flows through easier. Excess impurities and dirt can restrict air flow and force your system to work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Because of this, clean air ducts can reduce energy costs by making your HVAC system more efficient.

As you can see, when you get your annual heating service done, it is a good idea to also schedule a professional duct cleaning. This will help to ensure that your home is fully clean and promotes a more efficient air conditioning and heating system.

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